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My 16 year old cat is losing weight

My 16 year old cat is losing weight

by Mary

My cat, Katrina, is 16 yrs old. She has been loosing weight more each month. She eats only wet cat or dog food. She has also lost two front teeth this last year.

What can be causing her to keep loosing weight? She tries to hurry up eating; and then throws it up.

She meows loudly, as she does not want to be alone, and now more constantly wants me or one of the family to make sure they are aware that she is around.

I am really concerned about her weight issues. Can you help?????

Thanks, Mary

Hi Mary.. thanks for visiting and asking.

I am afraid that there is no way that I can definitively tell you why Katrina is losing weight because there are a thousand possible reasons.

Weight loss is a sign of many conditions and diseases.

One obvious deficiency is that you are giving her dog food. Please stop that immediately and only provide high quality cat food that is very palatable. Please provide her favourite cat food. Dog food is not balanced for the cat’s needs. Dogs are omnivores and cats are obligate carnivores.

Katrina, would be considered old by a vet. Old cats can loose weight because of a loss of sense of smell. Make sure the food is fresh and palatable.

Why is she eating quickly (“She tries to hurry up eating”)? Make sure she has a quiet undisturbed area to eat at her own pace. Perhaps you have dogs and the dogs are intimidating her. Please give her peace and quiet.

One last obvious point. She has lost two teeth you say. This strongly points to gum disease. Gum disease may produce a sore mouth. A sore mouth will result in eating being painful which in turn will result in under eating.

Please have Katrina checked out by a good vet especially her mouth.

Weight loss in older cats can be serious. Please act promptly and with commitment.

In addition to the points mentioned above this page: Cat Losing Weight..

covers all the other possibilities.

See also: Cat Drooling

Signs of cat mouth disease

Changes in older cats

Hope this helps and good luck to Katrina.

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