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    • i am sorry i didn’t get a post from you if you don’t mind typing it up again that would be great thanks!

  1. Darlene, I so understand. . . I have lost 3 in the last 2 years. . . love and prayers for healing, peace and comfort. . . RIP Milo. . .you are in God’s loving arms now. . . be sure to look for my “kids” already there, as they will welcome you home. . . God bless. . . <3 <3 <3

    • Aww thats sad Dmricciardi. Lovely Photo too. Its hard enough losing one let alone 3. How do u do it? Thats just too much to bear but i guess u have to deal with it.

      • Kylee, I’ve had cats since I was 4 or 5 yrs old (now 53). It hurts like hell every time I lose one, but I also realize that’s part of the circle of life. Doesn’t make it any easier, but thankfully I have my current ones (12 of them)to help me get through it. I love my “kids”. . . <3 <3 <3

        • Thats lovely to hear, Wow 12 you do amazing well. I only have 5 Yes Its hard saying goodbyes. I guess the hard thing for me was with Cassy it happened so Quickly, she was doing so well for a time, then she went downhill straight away. Yes I understand the nature that I guess it must happen.

          • Kylee, yes, I’ve lost many over the years, 2 of my last 3 were very sudden, and it ripped my heart out. All 12 of mine are adopted or rescued — all fixed — all indoor only babies. It never gets easier, but one learns to accept it eventually. I still cry thinking about any of the ones I’ve lost over the years. Here is a pic of 8 of my 12 on my bed. .

            • i am sorry about that about how they passed so quickly i have a very hard time looking at pictures of milo its to heart breaking to bear or remembering a certain thing she did breaks one’s heart

            • They are beautiful your Cats and Kities. One looks alot like my Rebel. Hes 6 Yrs old but very much a soft natured Cat. He doesnt stand up to any other Cat but have noticed hes starting to abit with Ozzie. Who trys to control him abit. I’ve enclosed a photo he loves baskets. 🙂

              • Indeed, Rebel looks like my Luke (the ginger on the left pillow). Luke is one of the 3 I’ve lost in the last 2 years. I still have his sister, Leia (Star Wars names). Luke crossed 1-3-2012 from congestive heart failure. He (and his sister) were rescued from feral as kittens, and both became very loving kitties. Luke loved going to the groomers. If he heard me get the brush out, he came running from anywhere in the house! Rebel is gorgeous!! <3

              • Aww I thought he looked familiar. Rebel was rescued from a Girl who was a Horder there were 22 other cats in her house. Hes very Vocal always complaining to me meowing etc. Hes a sweet cat.

    • So sad to lose 3 cats in 2 years, we’ve had many losses over the 40 years we’ve had cats. Sad enough losing one but we once lost our 17 year old cat Bert one day, he died peacefully of old age but the next day our 3 year old cat Alice was diagnosed with a brain tumour and had to be PTS.
      I feel so much for anyone who loses their pet, I think we all do at PoC as we understand just how heart breaking it is.

      • Exactly that’s so amazing that Bert Lasted that long. Thats my hope. Yes we all hear have a special understanding with grief and our Cats. I’m so pleased I came here knowing such lovely people who have the same love and care for their Cats as I do.

    • thank you this was very thoughtful of you and its very heart felt also thank you sooo much for sharing this beautiful angel kitty my way almost in tears when i was looking at the picture thank you sooo very much you have such a beautiful heart god bless you too!

  2. Brought tears to my eyes. So very sorry for the loss of Milo.Your story brought back memories of times when some of my older cats passed,vet appointment made,they passed before I could get them there.I guess they wanted to die where they knew they were loved and in familiar settings.

    • thank you and i agree to that she was better off passing at home with me where she knows she was loved and cared for so much

  3. I’m so sorry, Darlene.
    I’ve enjoyed everything you ever wrote about Milo.
    Like Ruth, I’m happy too that she passed in her own loving home.

    R.I.P. sweet Milo

  4. This made me shed a tear too. It touched me because it was agonisingly sorrowful and loving. I certainly lived through it. As I edited it and published it I read ever word carefully. It had more impact.

  5. Rest in peace sweet Milo, loyal companion and beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing her story Darlene. I am sorry for your loss.

    • thank you sooo much yes indeed milo was the most loyal best friend i ever had and she is gone but she did leave a few things behind for me and that is her loyal love for me and memories to remind me of and she had left paw prints all over my heart that will remain forever loved

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss Darlene, I admit I couldn’t bear to read the story of Milo’s passing, just too sad. Rip Milo. x

    • thank you yes indeed it is sooo heart breaking and it is very hard to deal with all i know is milo is watching over me from the skies above down on earth to make sure i am doing alright but to be honest with everyone i have vivid flash backs back when she was suffering so much it hurts to see them so much but i have to look at that milo is in a better place with no pain no suffering she is in god’s loving arms as i speak you take care and god bless you amen

      • Yea its hard, your have flash backs of her suffering. It can take awhile to get over, At least she wont have anymore pain. Its been 6 Months for me, and i still Struggle with her gone, I still miss hearing that cute meow and how loving she was.

  7. Hi Darlene, so sorry for your loss. It never gets any easier saying goodbyes to a beloved pet.Especially, ones when have had for such a long time. I’m pleased that she was able to spend her last moments with you, I.e that she chose to sleep with you. She must of been ready to go to her forever home in the Sky. Although when she was stumbling I would of taken her back to the Vet. How old was she? She passed two months after my Cassy Passed at 10yrs. Its so hard saying goodbyes. Its very heartbreaking. I wish you well give yourself time to grieve.

    • It’s a tough call, Kylee, especially for an older cat, when the signs are kind of clear that it’s getting to the end for her, and having already been to the vet… Sometimes trying and trying to prolong the life of a companion animal is done more for us than for the animal. I think Darlene was very mature and responsible in her thinking, realizing that it was time to think about putting Milo down. I’m so glad that she didn’t have to do it, and that nature just took its course.

      We have the same problems in human medicine too, and the same tough questions– when is the right time to give up trying treatment after treatment and just let death come if that’s what’s meant to be? I read an article in which a retired MD said he was glad not to be working as a doctor anymore because he was tired of “hurting old people.” The families want to try everything possible to save the person, but when a body is just failing, it’s failing and treatments can prolong suffering, but not really prolong life (not a life worth living anyway.)

      All of us who live with cats hate stories like this (although we always love hearing from you, Darlene!) because we know the day is coming soon when each of us will deal with a similar loss. It’s hard to think about.

      • Yes i agree. I didn’t mean to Judge, I guess when you dont know the full story. Am pleased she was an older Cat. I guess i still wish Cassy had made it to an older age. I’m very happy how she knew it was the right time Cats, really do know when its their Time to go. Yea its hard hearing stories when a Cat has been hurt or has Died, or even abused as they are just so special and to have them gone is just so difficult, It really feels like they have taken a piece of your heart.

        • you haven’t judge me or milo yeah i agree i think they do take a piece of your heart with them and it can never be replaced you take care of yourself

    • thank you for your sweet words and i am sooo sorry for your loss of your beloved pets too milo was 13 years old she was the most precious cat and so loving and understanding caring and sweet as can be i really miss her a lot and how she would sleep not only in my bed every night she also was a lap cat too i was truly blessed with the time i had with milo all those precious years were the best years of my life i can’t thank god enough for allowing me to be sooo blessed with milo and take care of her and love her with all my heart she is truly my hero and my baby may god bless you amen

      • Yea it all takes time to get over. The one Blessing I’ve felt with Jasemine. I feel Cassys spirit as passed into her. Just the last few days Rob my Friend been very down and Depressed. She automatically went and cuddled up with him and stayed with him. Even when i got up, she stayed continually with him. Its like she knows hes sad, shes a very cuddling Kitten. Very affectionate always seems to know if your down or sad. Cassy was like this too. Its amazing with our Cats how they are in tune with how we are feeling. I’m pleased your getting another kitty cause life is a mess without them, well that’s how if feels for me. I would be alot worse off without Cats here.:)

        Oh heres a photo of jasmine

  8. I’m so sad for you Darlene, no words can comfort you, you can’t ‘get over’ losing a much loved pet, only time can help you get used to Milo not being around any more.
    R.I.P Milo x

    • thank you sooo much yes indeed we do not get over the fact of losing a beloved pet we just learn how to deal with it without them but always in my heart and knowing one day i will meet up with milo and never ever be apart again in a place called heaven amen

      • Thats understandable that she was Older. 🙂 At least she was older,Cassy was only 10yrs. Thanks for your lovely words and I hope the same for you. I really hope that my other Cats Pass over 10. At least your kitty wasn’t in much pain. Cassy, was in alot of pain the last few weeks. Do, you think your get another kitty sometime in the future? I didn’t want to make you feel bad. Just With my experience, its really made me aware to get things looked at earlier, esp when they are Older. I have a new kitty now Jasmine, shes helped made the load easier. I haven’t forgotten Cassy, or replaced her. I have a photo of her in my kitchen, where i can see her everyday. The days do get easier. Have you got a special place for her to remember? I find that really helps, I Have her out at my Mum & Dads with special mementos. Shes buried out there with the rest of the other Dogs that my parents and sisters have owned. She was the first Cat ever Buried out there though, which is special. Also, here at home I got this Solar light near kitchen window which has a Cat on it, at night time the lights light up different colors like red and green. Its like shes still here with us. I find these things so important in remembering her Like a ritual it helps us get though those times. Its been 6 months, but feels forever. At least here, your amongst great people who have been though the same and similar things. Will prob take awhile to get over as it as with me. At least she be in a better place with all our babies running and playing and feeling welcomed. 🙂

        • i hope your kitties that you currently have live longer lives than the last ones that only lived up to be ten years old and yes i will get a another kitty in fact i do have a new kitty milo passed on march 31st my life without a cat in m life i feel isn’t complete without one my heart felt so empty inside without one i still miss milo and i have issues that i did lose her she was the best thing that ever happened to me and i lost her it feels that i lost everything when i lost milo but yet i am happy that she is happy in god’s loving arms and i know one day i will be reunited with milo once and forever never apart i love milo with all my heart and all my soul we were truly meant to be together and i thank god for the precious years i was blessed with milo thanking god for choosing me to take care of milo and the chance to love you and take care of her and i do have a spot to remember all the things milo and i done to together i write in a journal about milo and i and i find peace when i write about it even though at times its heart breaking but it helps me to express how i feel about her and helps me out too milo means everything to me without her i am nothing but lost in this world

  9. Your story made me cry, Darlene. I’m so sorry to read about Milo’s passing, but I’m glad she passed away peacefully at home, so that you did not have to take her to the vet to be put to sleep.

    It is good that you are able to say with Job, “The Lord gave, The Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of The Lord.” I have never believed that animals don’t have souls. They have the breath of life in them, so obviously they do. Milo’s life returned to the One who gave it, but He will remember you in your sorrow and give you comfort.

    Something good will happen for you, when you are ready, something you could never even imagine now. God already sees the day He will make your heart glad again. A hymn I sang all the time after my first husband died has a line that reads: “God gives me laughter after weeping, and all His ways in blessing end.” May it be so for you, but in the meantime your grief honors Milo, because it shows how special and important she was in your life, and what a marvelous blessing to you for so many years.

    • thank you ruth that was sooo heart felt and meaningful you have a beautiful heart and i know milo’s precious love 1 carry no matter where i go what i do as long it takes who i am with as long as milo’s love i carry within she is with me no matter what thank you again for your kind and sweet words god bless always

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