My Bengal Cats Sing in Harmony on Command…NOT fake!

by Oxford Moron

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This is the first and only video Online where cats are trained to sing in harmony on command. The Bengal cats are extremely intelligent. You can see that in all the videos of Kiko and Razi, my twin Bengal cat brothers.


Hi... I presume your real name is not Oxford Moron....!

Thanks for visiting. This is a strange video. But I can see that it is not fake. So well done in "training" your Bengal cats to respond melodiously in harmony. Great stuff.

I think the video would be better if it was just plain and simple without the funny edited images but still nice. Thanks.

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My Bengal Cats Sing in Harmony on Command...NOT fake!

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Apr 25, 2012 My Bengal Cats Sing in Harmony on Command...NOT fake! NEW
by: Anonymous

Ruth (Monty's Mom): Thanks for taking the time to listen carefully to my Bengal cats sing in harmony on command. You are so right about them being in tune with each other on some deeper level. They do so many things at the same time. I enjoyed your story about you and your sister too.
You can subscribe to my youtube channel kikoandrazi and you will see all the new videos as I create them.
I will be adding another of my cats singing harmony video soon. Your comment is very entertaining and appreciated for the time it took you to listen and respond. You are a bloggers dream.

Apr 25, 2012 My Bengal Cats Sing in Harmony on Command...NOT fake! NEW
by: Oxford Moron

Michael: I took your advice and a few others and changed the theme to natural. Hope you like it better now. Thanks for the compliments too.

Apr 25, 2012 Cool! NEW
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I enjoyed your video. I believe it's not fake. Cats are more trainable than most people would believe. Such beautiful voices they have! I would want them to sing for me all the time. Sometimes the cats are actually singing in unison. Listening carefully, I think their most common interval when in harmony is a minor third. Once it sounded like the open sound of a perfect fifth. I could be wrong. I never did well in ear training, but being a complete nerd I had to waste a few minutes of my life trying to figure out what interval your cats "sing" when they "sing in harmony." I'm sure other readers can do better than I at this!

It's amazing how the cats start and end right together. It reminds me of my sister and I playing our flutes-- we've played together so much over the years we can effortlessly just start right together, play at the same tempo perfectly, without saying a word. Your cats share that closeness that it's almost like they know what they other cat is thinking, exactly what he will do, so they come in right together almost every time.

2 thoughts on “My Bengal Cats Sing in Harmony on Command…NOT fake!”

  1. Michael: I took your welcomed advise and revised the youtube video to plain and simple. And added the word revised to the title Revised Bengal Cats Sing in Harmony.

    • Very nice video. I enjoyed watching it again. Made me smile. You have two great cats who you have trained to sing/ask in harmony and it actually is harmonious.

      I guess they have trained you a bit too!


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