My Best Ever Cat Companion

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This cat is the best cat I have ever met.. Follows me by the feet, sleeps at the foot of my bed. Opens doors fences drawers and cupboards.

Enjoys a nice walk on a leash or a playful afternoon playing fetch and hide and seek. 4 years I have had him.

I cannot figure out the true breed..


Hi... thanks for visiting and showing us your gorgeous and intelligent rescue.

Three characteristics stand out from your description and photographs.

1. He has medium-long hair.

2. He is pointed - lilac pointing perhaps or blue. Certainly diluted pointing from seal point.

3. He is smart.


He looks as if he could be purebred. There is no certainty because lots of cats look a bit like purebred cats but they are not purebred, so he might not be a certain cat breed.

However, Siamese cats are smart. And long haired Siamese cats are called Balinese cats. There are modern and traditional Balinese cats. (see Balinese cat history)

His appearance is traditional and therefore I would say he is either a traditional Balinese cat or a Ragdoll cat.

He looks remarkably similar to the cats on the page on this site that describes purebred traditional Balinese cats but he also looks like a Ragdoll but the personality does not seem to fit the classic Ragdoll personality..

Hope this helps.

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My Best Ever Cat Companion

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Mar 22, 2012 Ragdoll NEW
by: Leah England


He's a stunning cat! No wonder you love him all cats are wonderful but some just seem to have the edge on intelligence.

I agree with Michael he looks very much like a Ragdoll

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