My Best Friend Mr Sherlock a Maine Coon Cat Knew I was Ill

My Best Friend Mr Sherlock a Maine Coon Cat Knew I was Ill

by Carolyn SeRine

Mr Sherlock my best friend

Mr Sherlock my best friend

I have two Maine Coon cats, Mr Sherlock and his runt sister Gizzie girl. I have had them from day one of their lives. They are both now eleven. Joy, smiles and love fill my home beyond words as I realize my cats are like my kids and my best friends. My life dramatically changed as my male cat saved my life. This is my story.

I thought my male cat Mr. Sherlock was ill as he continually cried and wanted to lay on my chest while I was resting on my sofa. He most definitely was trying to tell me something. This continued for weeks. I became concerned and thought he was ill.

He never left my side one winter month in 2006. Then he would knead my chest, the cries continued. In this month I became ill, I felt tired, weak and made an appointment to see my doctor.

After several tests, my doctor told me I had tumour in my stomach where my cat had been laying. It was cancer.

I could not believe this. I went in the hospital and had it removed. My cat saved my life. They are talkers. My feelings towards this breed is that of total intelligence to a degree beyond my comprehension.

They talk with me and they understand my communications with them. They are loyal, smart and super sweet. I treat them like little people and I get love and respect back. I would never have a different breed.

My appreciation for this breed is beyond words.


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My Best Friend Mr Sherlock a Maine Coon Cat Knew I was Ill

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Apr 02, 2010 cats with healing properties
by: Anonymous

I am lookin to work with someone who has had a cat save thier life to produce a book of thier experiences. I am an experienced author with two books awaiting publication by major companies. If anybody is interested in sharing thier story, email me at

You would receive 50% of all the royalties and advances that I am paid.

Mar 11, 2010 My cat did the same thing...
by: Diane

I have searched high and low to find someone who had experienced what I have been going thru. I have a mixed breed cat, Meow Meow, she is 15 years old and has never been too much of a lap cat. I had a gall bladder attack and was feeling badly for about a week... prior to becoming sick, she would not get off my lap. Then the whole time I was ill, she again refused to be off my lap or away from me. I am feeling better now and she has resumed her position of sleeping by the window. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are doing better... pass love to your cat from mine...LOL!

Sep 25, 2009 a cats insight
by: kathy

I was in a car accident back in May. After my cat Lia started laying right next to my head. It was as if he knew my neck was injured and he somehow thought he could heal it. To this day he still has to sleep next to my head and most of the time he has to be touching me, even if its with the most unlikely part of his body. So now i cant sleep unless he is next to my head. My neck isnt healed yet but i have my cat to comfort me.

Sep 21, 2009 Pets are gifts from God
by: Celine

So pleased to see you finally putting all those wonderful adventures of your in print. I've heard this story before, and I'm sure you have many more exciting ones to tell about those two precious "children" of yours. Keep writing - you've got so much to give. Love ya.

Sep 18, 2009 Intelligent cat
by: Anonymous

Yes my Maine Coon cat and my dogs are all like this..They KNOW when I am ill or upset and lay all around me..My cat has a catdoor and is free to come and go. He loves to be outside BUT if I need him he is right there. They have a very strong psychic ability and do the best they can to clearly communicate to me whatever they can not say in human words.

I feel that they are much more advanced than humans and are truly angels..At night Aslan sleeps right by my head. His choice EVERY NITE. and I think he is guarding my dream state. Animals are truly Gods gift to us...

Sep 18, 2009 Cats are wonderful
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

What a wonderfully inspiring story ! Mr Sherlock is obviously very attuned to you. I'm so glad you recovered !
When I was nursing my very ill mother, our orange tabby Felix moved into her room one day and refused to budge.He was a very nervous cat from a bad start in life and didn't like many people outside our family,he used to go out of their way. But he stayed on my mother's bed,through the doctor, nurses, and friends visiting, only popping out a couple of times a day when it was necessary.
He did this for the last 10 days of her life.When she died he left the room and carried on his normal routine.
I swear he knew my mother needed comfort, he knew she was dying.I inherited her great love of cats and I like to think of her now there in Heaven with Felix, who died 3 years later, and all the other cats we have lost over the years.
Some people say cats don't have a soul, they are wrong,cats are innocent,intuitive and wonderful and I am convinced they do have souls, just like us.

Sep 18, 2009 Animal Intelligence
by: Michael

Carolyn thanks so much for sharing this. I hope you are well and recovering or recovered. I have always thought that cats (and for that matter all animals) have an intelligence that is different to ours but not inferior and that we are yet to fully understand this and respect it.

I am afraid that humans think that they are the only intelligent creatures on the planet and can at times be a little arrogant. Only now through research are we beginning to understand the intelligence of other animals.

Mr Sherlock is a fine cat and there are other stories like yours were cats have detected illness or a person's health before the person or other people have detected it. Here is a post about cats who are aware of our needs (new window).

I changed the title to focus on what Mr Sherlock did as this will make it more searchable on the internet. I want people to find your story so that they can better appreciate the different intelligence of cats and other animals.

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