My Blue…I think he’s a modern Siamese but he’s all MINE

My Blue…I think he’s a modern Siamese but he’s all MINE

by Lenore
(Woodbridge, NJ, USA)

I adopted a Siamese kitten in March, his name is Blue, he was born in January and is only 4 months old.

I had originally ordered a “traditional” Siamese from the breeder.

siamese cat blue looking out of the window
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When I came to pick him up, this is what I got. Now I love Blue’s LOOK and his slender body and his long face. I have been interacting with him siamese cat blue on the end tableso much that now I think that regular cats are ugly, chunky and clumsy.

I ordered a lilac point from a breeder who has more cats that look like Blue — I am hooked on the LOOK! What do you think?


Hi Lenore… Yes, Blue is slender. I would say that he is more what I would call a classic Siamese or a Thai cat. Not as cobby as a traditional but not as slender as a modern Siamese. Modern Siamese can be very skinny with very long bony faces.

I like Blue. He seems relaxed and loved!

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My Blue…I think he’s a modern Siamese but he’s all MINE to Modern Siamese cats

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My Blue…I think he’s a modern Siamese but he’s all MINE

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Apr 25, 2010
A beautiful cat
by: Ruth

I just want to say what lovely photos of a beautiful cat.
I’ve never had a Siamese or any other pedigree cat as a pet but I’ve worked with many and very much admire their grace and beauty.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 24, 2010
I had a siamese called Blue too!
by: 0colet

She was a blue point Siamese classic – a great cat! When my grandfather died, we had to go from Tasmania to the mainland to pack up his house – and she came too. She travelled really well and was outside after a day playing in the forest with me. Don’t know what my parents were thinking, letting her out so soon, but it all worked out. Siamese can be such wonderful companions – I wish you many years of joy with your Blue!

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