My Buddy Max

My Buddy Max

I met Max about a year and 1/2 ago. I decided to go meet him after having the Maine Coon cat breed described to me by a co-worker. I asked the vet he was staying with if I could have a trial with him for a weekend before making a decision.

The first time I picked him up he “hugged” me and put his head on my shoulder. I said “if this is his temperament, I don’t think you guys are going to get him back from me”!

He honestly is the best cat I have ever owned. Although he needs my attention a little more than I care for (and will do whatever it takes to get me to point my attention in his direction)… I am so glad that he is a member of my family.

Max (named because he is “Max-Chill”) is much more of a lap cat than I was expecting after reading about the breed. Just about everything else I have read has hit the nail on the head though.

He really is a goofy, gentle, giant. Just about every time I think “wow, he is kind of scary” (because of his size)… he comes up with his mouse size mew and does something dumb.

I think he knows what he is doing though… I can almost hear him saying “how can you ignore me when I am so big and so darn cute at the same time”.

I highly suggest picking up a Max of your own if you get a chance.

Thanks for visiting and sharing. Nice story. If you have a photo please come back and upload it as I would love to see Max who seems to be a classic Maine Coon except for the lap cat bit.

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My Buddy Max

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Mar 28, 2011 Max is doing well.
by: Max

His claws are trimmed and he is throwing his huge tail in everyones face who will look at it. Max is all headbutts and purring.

“Look at me NOW!…Or I will claw your feet… and rip, rip, rip on you (while purring).”

“That’s what you get, a purring machine”. Don’t make me come back or I’ll purr you to death. “I’m watching you.”

Sep 27, 2010 Max’s paw problem…
by: Anonymous

Advanced notice for those of you with young polydactyl Maine Coons. I didn’t pay much attention to Max’s claws because he never touched my furnature with them and only gives me nudges with them when he wants to lick my hand. I noticed 2 weeks ago that he had licked some fur from the top of his paw. I almost felt sick when I inspected it and found that his claw had grown into the underside.

A quick visit to the vet fixed the problem, but I regret letting it happen (and wish he would have let me know something was wrong long before). Please check your Max’s front paws every couple weeks to prevent your kitty a little pain.

Aug 15, 2010 I know what you mean!
by: Leah

My Maine Coon is just the same! He won’t be 2 until November and he’s one of the nicest things that’s happened in my life.

He talks and chirrups incessantly and insists he has my attention like now as he’s trying to drape himself over my laptop and touch my cheek with his paw!

I say to him all the time ‘love you!’ he chirrups his reply as if to say ‘love you back!’

My life just wouldn’t be the same without him.

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