My Buddy

by Susan

I rescued Buddy (a male that came with his name) from a shelter in 2006 at six months of age….he is as playful now as he was then…very loving.

He doesn’t like to be picked up but will lay on me or beside me and is fond of “tapping” me with his paw to get my attention and giving lots of “love jumps” i.e. standing on his hind legs for a head rub when I put my hand out.

I discovered he is a Wegie by accident while watching CATS 101 on cable TV. He’s a “talker” and lets me know what’s going on in his world. He is a wonderful companion to his “girlfriend” Rosebud, a female Turkish Van. They love me but adore each other. Buddy is a great cat!


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My Buddy

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Jun 07, 2011
Lovely Cat
by: Michael

Buddy sounds like a great cat. And it is nice to have two cats that get on so well together. I am sure it adds to their lives.

The Norwegian Forest is a very popular cat. It is a breed that could or should be as popular as the Maine Coon by the Maine Coon is the American cat (with the American Shorthair) so it is more popular. They are similar in appearance as you know.

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