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My Burmese Cat Brothers

My Burmese Cat Brothers

by Mary Browning
(Miami Beach, FL)

Burmese cat in the USA - photo added by Michael (Admin) to illustrate the page - photo copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright

As a long time cat owner, I have had Siamese, rescue cats and Tonkinese. I had always wanted Burmese, and when I found myself catless about a year ago, I put in my "order" for one of a Burmese litter expected by a breeder in the Sarasota area of Florida (I didn't want for a kitten to have to travel by air, so I wanted to drive to pick the kitten up).

When I arrived to pick up my kitten, I packed him up in his luxury cat carrier (lined with sheepskin), and was leaving when his brother -- the "runt" who had not be spoken for began to whine and cry at the loss of his brother companion.

The breeder and I conferred, and I ended up taking home both of the boys. To our surprise, the Runt has equalled the size and vigor of his Alpha brother and we love them both. The Runt is the more gentle and loving of the brothers.

These Burmese are truly the best cat companions that I have ever had in my life.


Hi Mary.... I like this story because you went home with the runt! That is the kind of thing that gets to me.

And I am so pleased that you did. It seems to me that to adopt siblings in pairs is a good idea as they each have an automatic companion for when they settle in to a new place and then for their lives ahead. As far as I am aware, sibling cats always get along, unlike the human race but I am prepared to be corrected on that.

I have a feeling these boys are enjoying the good life judging by the sheepskin lined cat carrier. I have not seen one of those before.

If you have some photos you can email them to me if you wish:

substituting at for @

Thanks for popping by the site and sharing. I added a picture by Helmi just in case a visitor who reads this is unsure what a Burmese cat looks like.

My Burmese Cat Brothers to Burmese cats

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