My Cat Attacks Visitors

by Alf Peer

Mou defending territory

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Mou defending territory

Mou defending territory

We had some visitors to stay the night, but what we didn’t know was that my black Egyptian Mau cat called Mou had different ideas of the kind of people that should stay the night!

What happened, we could not believe. I quickly got my camera to get the action. As one visitor was trying to go upstairs to the bedroom, Mou was siting on the step and would not let her pass.

She was standing on her back legs hissing, showing teeth and striking out at the visitor. We could not believe what we seeing.

I know she is very close to me and she comes on my whistle and so on. She plays fetch with a ball with me. OK, but attacking people that is something new.

I know they don’t like people coming to the house, as some had not been good to them when they where babies.


Hi Alf… This is unusual. For a cat to be so hostile to a visitor.

She seems to be protecting her territory, her “home range” as it is called when talking about wildcats.

I sense she is simply treating your visitor as a cat that has invaded her territory and is trying to force the visitor out.

It may be too that you have a particularly close bond with your cat, which might reinforce the rejection of strangers.

It is nice to hear from Thailand. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to share.


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My Cat Attacks Visitors

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Feb 22, 2011
is mou becom wikd
by: Anonymousim not but get storis mou is atacke them all out from anywhere she fky at there legs ,the nice got hit at her hand not real bad but frightening dont know where mou will come out at them,i tell them give her some my cloth in the washbasket as she likes to ly in there on my cloth.


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