My Cat Ava

My Cat Ava

by lori piazza

I’ll introduce this very short posting by a visitor. I feel I have to but I have reservations about doing this. I just feel that it shows us a slice of real life. You have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Lori’s words are published verbatim for maximum reality.

My cat ava went in to my nabers year and got shot 4 mounts after she was boren. My nader got charjed with cilling my cat. She was the best thing that ever came my way.

I hope you don’t mind Lori. With the greatest of respect your English is very poor. I don’t know why it is. Perhaps you are very young. That could well be the case. In which case these few words are even more poignant.

For visitors who don’t understand Lori, she is saying that her four month old kitten wandered into her neighbor’s yard and was shot by her neighbor. Her cat was very important to her. The neighbor was charged with a crime (good!).

Is it just me misreading the situation or am I correct in getting the impression that a lot of cats get shot in the USA?

I know I keep writing about it but it just happens a lot.

Also most visitors to this site are Americans so I end up learning a lot about America and the way of life there.

Perhaps though I an getting a jaundiced (incorrect) idea in respect of the tendency of neighbors, who dislike cats, to shoot them when they enter their back yard.

Maybe someone can enlighten me?


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My Cat Ava

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Feb 06, 2012
youre so right NEW
by: Kathy W

Cats are one of the most undesired animals to be outside here in the US. My cousins cat went outside not too long ago and was poisoned by someone. It was very sad. I never let my cats opuside unattended. YOu never know what might happen. In my neighborhood its ok for a dog to be running around loose. but cat haters are everywhere. I grew up with a cat hater, my dad. I believe he did finally grow up out of this foolishness as he was known to be a caretaker of cats in the campground where he lives in the summer time. Why cats are so hated here ine US, I dont know. There was just aman almost mauled to death by two pit buills in Chicago. I believe they did find the ownewr but the two dogs had to be shot. We have several feral cats living in my neighborhood. We also have some animal lovers who are kind enough to caretake for them. My feral cat moved out when mittens, my neighbors feral got too big for his britches and chased him away. I dont know where he went but Ill never forget him as long as I live. I loved him just the same as I did my own cats. I miss him and sometimes I cry and hope hes ok.

Feb 04, 2012
by: Ruth

I’m very sad for you about your cat Ava, its terrible when a cat can’t even go outside her own home without being at risk of being killed.

Michael I cringe when I think of so many people having guns in the USA. Is there no law that they have to be licenced as they are here in the UK ?
Cats lives seem to be valued so cheaply there, I find that hard to understand and very sad too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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