My Cat Belanna Has A Bump Under Her Chin

My Cat Belanna Has A Bump Under Her Chin

by Lizzy Smythe
(Sandwich, Cape Cod, Ma)

My cat Belanna has a bump under her chin – looks normal, but when I was petting her, she meowed and cringed from possible pain.

Is it a scratch under the fur or some kind of cat acne (like a blind pimple humans get)?

Otherwise, Belanna seems all together alright-she is eating normally and doing her regular indoor routine, etc.


Hi Lizzy…. thanks for visiting and discussing Belanna’s health.

Of course it is impossible to diagnose cat illness over the internet but a little discussion might benefit.

The lump that you refer to “looks normal”. In other words the skin is normal looking on my reading of that statement.

I discuss feline acne and its treatment on this page: Feline Acne Treatment. This page has a good picture: Feline Acne Has Returned!. It is identified by “finding blackheads or pimple-like bumps that come to a head and drain pus..”1. Your description is different and, therefore, I don’t think that it is acne, although it cannot be written off as a possible.

You say that the lump is probably sore as Belanna’s indicates that. The lump that you describe indicates that it is under the skin. Any lumps or bumps under the skin are “by definition a tumor (meaning swelling). Tumors are benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).

Benign tumors as the name describes do not spread. The advice1 is that “any unexplained nodules or open sores on your cat should be checked by your veterinarian…”.

I would watch and inspect carefully. Feline acne should be noticeable. If in doubt about whether the lump might be something serious, the obvious answer is to take the advice.

Good luck and thanks again for visiting.

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1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook.

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