My cat broke her 2 top canine teeth, and I don’t know what to do!

My cat broke her 2 top canine teeth, and I don’t know what to do!

by Brittany Wood
(Kentucky, USA)

My cat broke her 2 top canine teeth, and I don’t know what to do! My sister wants to take her to the pound but she recently had kittens and I feel that it would traumatize them both if we were to take her babies away from her and her away from her babies.

The breaks are close to the gum line and she is having trouble eating, we got her wet food and she can eat that fine. She isn’t being herself and is laying around and being lazy. Do we need to take her to the vet, and if we do can uou give me an estimate of how much it would cost to get her teeth pulled?

Bittany Wood

Hi Brittany….. thanks for visiting and asking. Sorry to hear that your cat has broken her canine teeth.

First thing to say is that Elisa (a colleague who rescues cats) has a cat, Cocoa, that has only one tooth and he does fine eating! Cats are very adaptable.

There is absolutely no need to take her to the pound. I guess you realise that. She needs you more now than before.

I don’t know the cost of having the broken teeth removed as I live in the UK. I guess they are sore to eat on, which affects her eating habits. I would doubt that the cost is that high. Although there will have to be a general anesthetic which will push up the cost and there are dangers in anesthetizing a cat (slight).

One person says that a two teeth extraction cost him $180. The pain meds and anesthetic add to cost as I said.

I will ask Elisa to comment as she lives in the USA and has lots of dealings with vets.

One other thing. I would get her spayed at the same time to avoid another litter.

I am sure you are aware that there are already too many domestic cats in the world as there are apparently not enough homes for them all.

Spaying will prevent further litters and that is relatively cheaply done at a veterinarian’s surgery.

Good luck.

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My cat broke her 2 top canine teeth, and I don’t know what to do!

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Jun 21, 2011 how did she break her teeth?
by: Anonymous

Only take your cat and kittens
to the pound if you want them to be put down in a cold, sterile, terrifying environment.

Pounds are terrifying and alien to all animals, especially those who have been pets. See if you can find a vet who will fix her teeth and let you pay over time. Broken teeth are very painful. And the only other thing I can echo is GET HER SPAYED.

Jun 09, 2011 Low-cost vet
by: Anonymous

You should check out the website for Helping Hands in Richmond, VA- depending on where you are this may be a good option for you! Helping Hands offers low-cost surgical and dental care for pets from all over.

Here’s the website, with an (almost) full list of their procedures and prices:

Jun 09, 2011 Hope this helps
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I don’t know the cost of a tooth removal. It’s probably different everywhere. Call around to a few vets. Check before you take a pet to a vet to see if the vet has a bad rep. Ask the vet if payments can be made. If not what you need to do is start an album on Facebook of your cat. Then go to and start a page there. Tell exactly how bad your cat is feeling and how much pain. Ask people to donate to the fund. You have to have a PayPal account to do this. Sorry. But if people don’t want to donate to a stranger, then give the name and number of the vet you use and chances are people can donate by credit card over the phone.

I rescued a cat named Lucy who had been hit by a car and had to have a tooth out and about $700 was raised for her surgery. I have no idea how much it actually cost since the shelter took care of it.

Cocoa only has 1 tooth. He came to me that way. He refused to eat the first 2 weeks I had him. I’d take a syringe and canned food and squirt it in his mouth. Then on a visit to the vet the nurse layed out a cat treat and he ate it. Made a fool out of me. That was the end of the wet food feedings.

If kitty is in a lot of pain get a little bottle of oil of cloves and squirt a little on the sore spot with a syringe or medicine dropper. It will numb it.

Good luck with your baby.

If you want to see my babies go to

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