My cat died by hanging on a purse strap in a closed closet

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By Anonymous in a comment, adjusted slightly to make it an article by Michael at PoC.

Thank you for writing the article about killing cats accidentally so people can be aware of the common things that are dangerous for cats.

This is my tragic story. It still hurts.

Purses or anything with cords that are hanging in closets [can be a danger]. I came home from work about a month ago to find my beautiful 3 year old cat Mic Fuzzy Butt hanging from a purse strap in my closet. I always shut the door but he could open them, drawers, windows and other doors.

Nobody was home and he must of freaked out and was spinning because the strap was wrapped tightly around his neck and I was to late. I never thought anything like that could happen I’ve heard of curtain blinds but never this I just wanted to tell my story so nobody ever has to go through what I just did.

My heart is broken and I just wish I had been home to do something I’ll never get that image out of my head and I’ll never forget him he was the greatest cat ever and my dog’s best friend both of us miss him so much ?. RIP Mic Fuzzy Butt I’ll never forget you.

Comment: It is a very distressing story. It seems extraordinary to me that your much loved cat hanged himself in a closet having got caught up in a purse strap. A freak accident.

I am very pleased that you told us your story. It indeed may save lives. I am trying to envisage how your cat managed to accidentally hang himself with a purse strap. It seems almost impossible but these things do happen. The home can be quite dangerous without the dangers being in any way obvious.

Many thanks again, Anonymous and I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

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5 thoughts on “My cat died by hanging on a purse strap in a closed closet”

  1. Oh gawd how heart breaking,I would also like to post a warning about chair’s with slat’s,several years ago when my ‘Clover’ was just a few month’s old I had gone into the dining room and saw Clover and I got to him just in time even though I did I still took him to my vet to assure myself he was okay,his head got caught between the slat’s of the back of the chair and he wasnt moving and I flipped out,his tongue was almost blue and he was barely breathing so my warning is if ye have a young kitten or a small full grown cat be sure to get covers to go over the back of the chair,it will save a life,I and Clover were fortunate but I know had I not gone into my dining room when I did I would not have him with me today,the photo is an example.

  2. I use cameras to watch my cats too, inside and out. Cords of any kind or anything with loops are a hazard, especially with cats. It is beyond sad when a loved one dies due to something we overlooked in our home. It hasn’t happened to mine but the fear is always there, and I thank every day that nothing bad happened. I’m so sad for who wrote the letter… and for the cat who lost their life obviously.

  3. I did head counts all the time, esp when I had many rescues. And I’m a safety nut. Anything that could be dangerous is secured.

    I have just the two more, and I still count.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this as I can’t even imagine coming home to this. I would also like to warn people about leaving shopping bags with the fancy cord handles laying around. I was on vacation a few months ago and I was checking the pet cam and saw what appeared to be a piece of paper stuck under my cat’s collar. She did not appear to be in distress so at that point I just thought it was weird but did not perceive any danger. I texted my pet sitter to please check it out on one of her twice daily visits. She texted me back that it was a fancy bag handle and she got it off my cat’s neck. If the bag handle had gotten caught on something my cat could have choked to death obviously because it’s not going to break away. The only scenario I could imagine was she got bored, went into my closet, put her head through the bag handle and then freaked and tried to leave. Then tore the bottom half of the bag off somehow but the handle stayed around her neck with the potential of her being strangled and at the very least very uncomfortable. So never underestimate what your cat can get themselves into when you are not home. A big takeaway is the pet cam helped save her life because the pet sitter didn’t know anything was around her neck until I told her to check because my cat was initially hiding from her. She had to close off my cat’s exits temporarily so she couldn’t run under the bed to get the bag handle off her neck. When she texted me a pic of the torn off bag handle I freaked out. I thought the pet cam was pricey, now I realize it is worth every penney if you travel for work or vacation.

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