My cat does nothing all day…

When searching for something to write about today I notice that people are typing into Google’s search box phrases such as, “my cat does nothing all day”. Or something along those lines. I find it curious. They are looking for answers as to why their cat is doing nothing all day and asking Google to find them.

Bored cat
Bored cat, black thoughts. They look incredibly bored. Photo in public domain.
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Cat owners responsibility

It is strange because the people searching for these answers are themselves the answer. They have it in their power to provide the common sense answer and it isn’t difficult. All they have to do is play with their cat as much as they want to. Cats have a very deep well of enjoyment when they play and an almost insatiable desire to do it (with breaks I’d suggest).

I realise that many people go to work all day and perhaps the cats referred to are full-time inside cats. They must live quite limited, constrained lives. But it is up to the cats’ guardians to turn things around. I don’t like to read about cats being driven into a state of inactivity because of the circumstances under which they are placed by their owners.


The owner has to make their environment more stimulating and if possible build a catio and if they have a garden i.e. a backyard, perhaps build a cat enclosure or if it’s safe to do so let their cat roam outside. This is a sure way of getting a cat to do something because they love to wander and hunt. If they can’t hunt in real life they can hunt a toy held by their owner.

I don’t want to see questions placed into Google’s search engine pleading for answers as to how they can get their cat to do something. It isn’t about the cats. It’s about the people and what they are doing and whether they are in a position to be proper cat guardians.


My neighbour, has 10 cats and they are all full-time indoor cats. Her house smells appallingly and her cats are utterly bored because she has no sympathy or empathy for them. She is a hoarder. She is a collector of cats and unsuited to the task. I have been inside her home and it is full of human clutter and ghastly smells when it could and should be full of cat climbing frames, toys and things that cats to do.

My neighbour and her husband are retired. They have been retired for many years. They have time on their hands particularly during the coronavirus lockdown as both are deemed vulnerable because of their diabetes brought on my being obese. They could do so much more to ensure that their cats do not “do nothing all day”. They have a back garden which is full of sheds and unused items when it could be a brilliant cat enclosure. I hope you get the point and I hope my neighbour reads this article.

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