My Cat Double Trouble

My Cat Double Trouble

by Sharon Ann MCCrea
(North Bay, Ontario)

Double Trouble - sorry the picture has been lost when moving the site.

Hello: Got this bundle of fur on his 5 week old birthday and was cute and short hair. As he got older, now he is 13 months old he is all fur that is soft and long and gray even tho he was all black when I got him. I was wondering if he could be part angora? The other kittens are all short hair and straight. Out of 7 kittens he is the only black one and long haired. He keeps me hoping for he knows when I go out anywheres he gets a pinch of cat nap.

The other night I wasn't paying attention to him but spoke to him when I heared his bowl rattle. As my company and I continued on with our conversation he comes in the front room with the bowl in his mouth and dropped it at my feet. Was he asking me for some?? I think so. At night he will always jump on my bed and sucks his blanket till he falls to sleep, purring and kneading bread. When he wants to go to bed he comes out with the silk top (his blanket) telling me that he wants me to retire for the evening. I didn't teach him this at all.

He plays fetch every day with his stuff mouse, he catches them in mid air and returns them to me so I can toss them again and we do this for hours until he gets tired then lays on his back with the mouse on his chest.

He is a gem and everyone loves him. His name is Double Trouble.

His owner
Shar Ann

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My Cat Double Trouble

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Jun 05, 2009
Double Trouble - no photo
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

The latest post still does not show the photo of Double Trouble, which is too bad since I'd bet he's a beauty!

Has DT been around dogs at all? His behavior sounds like he's very observant. The part about the bowl in his mouth and the silkie brought to you indicating it's sleep-time is just precious!

Jun 04, 2009
Response to ealrier comment
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi Sharon, You can upload a photo in a new submission using the same form you used the first time. You can see the upload button at the base of the form where you input text. If the image is on your desktop you can find it easily when you browse for it.

Or you can send me a picture to this email address (which I have disguised to protect against spam) and I'll add it to your submission:


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PoC Admin

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Jun 04, 2009
No photo of Double Trouble
by: Anonymous

First off, I was rather startled that you adopted a 5 week old kitten -- way too young to leave it's Mother or siblings, in my opinion. I'm happy that it seems that all has worked out well for both of you. I'd say you were both fortunate.


Jun 04, 2009
Pics of Double Trouble
by: Sharon Ann

Thanks for the idea but I have no idea how to do that? Can you address me and tell me where I should post him. Please and I thank you.

Have a super day

Jun 04, 2009
Photo of "Double Trouble"
by: Rudolph.a.Furtado

You should have posted a photo of "double Trouble" so that the viewers, manny of whom are expert cat fanciers could have ascertained his breed. Majority of cats are mixed breeds, hence at times sudden freaks develop amongst a litter with totally different characteristics to the common litter.
This is due to "Recessive genes" prevelant in the breeding pair.

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