My Cat Eats Too Much

My Cat Eats Too Much

by Rudolph.A.Furtado


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'Matata", the glutton.

Persian Kitten Matata will be 8 months on 29-11-2009 and he is a "Eating Machine". Matata copies each and every behaviour of his dam Matahari including her suicidal "cat walks" on the window and gallery ledges. He is an EATING MACHINE, worse than a starving street feral cat, and the reasons are beyond my comprehension.

This has made him obese and he resembles a cuddly toy teddy bear with his brown colour and affinity to stand up on his two legs occasionally. Please, could cat fanciers and breeders guide me as to the reasons for his tremendous gluttony? Is it a genetic defect? Is it bad for his health?

At present he is absolutely normal, a mischievous and inquisitive kitten. In this photo he is mimicking a bear, standing on his hind legs.


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My Cat Eats Too Much

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Nov 25, 2011 Cat
by: Anonymous

Look at those Rayems

Nov 26, 2009 My Doll faced persian does the same
by: Anonymous

I am talking about those suicidal "cat walks" on the window and gallery edges.

But she's a cute Calico, and I love her anyway!!

Nov 26, 2009 Re: My Cat Eats Too Much
by: Jo Singer

There are two reasons that cats eat too much, in my opinion. As a former CFA registered cat breeder of Orientals, Siamese, Burmese and Russian Blues, and being owned by cats for over 40 years, I, of course have had cats that became on the "pudgy" side, and in those cases, after thorough veterinary examinations ruling out any underlying medical conditions, and carefully checking for any "emotional" concerns that might cause this, what I learned is that free feeding can be a major reason for cats becoming "pudgy".

I stopped all free feeding, and now feed on a schedule. I separate our cats so not only do they only get their portion, but I also know exactly how much they are consuming. I also take into consideration how much exercise they are getting and factor that into the amount of food they receive daily.

Since I work at home, I am able to feed them 4x a day, dividing their daily allotment of food into smaller portions, which mimics free feeding very nicely. They also consume all of the food set out for them, with no "left overs" with which to be concerned.

Since cats are obligate carnivores and require meat protein as the mainstay in their diet, we limit kibble to only a small "snack" with a grainless brand, Evo Cat and Kitten food. We give it as "treats" only, and it is not a meal.

For an excellent read about feline nutrition, written by a veterinarian who is expert in this field, visit:

Dr. Pierson explains feline feeding in a manner that is extremely easy to read. We have been following her suggestions, feeding our two Oriental Shorthair neuters about 7 oz of food total each day. They have maintained a very healthy weight, and at 9 years of age, they are at their optimum weight and appearance.

Hope this helps,

Nov 26, 2009 My Cat eats Too Much.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

"Matata" was the first born kitten in a litter of 6. He was also the "alpha Kitten" of the pack, quick for his milk suckling, a real fight amongst the blind kittens during the first few days.I had a miserable time keeping a watch over them regarding their feeding and to see that no kitten starved due to lack of feeding.Strangely, although he was the alpha kitten during the first month, he was later more timid and today at age 8 months absolutely petrified of "Human strangers".he is very nervous in the company of human strangers, besides also afraid of open outdoor spaces since he is confined to the house. Otherwise he is absolutely normal and healthy, definition of the "FAT KITTEN LIFE".

Nov 26, 2009 Hi Rudolph
by: Michael

I changed the title and moved your post to cat health problems! But I think, actually, that Matada does not have much wrong with him in terms of illness. He doesn't look that overweight to me. Although I am used to looking at an overweight cat - mine!

The rib test for obesity: can you feel his ribs as individual structures?

Maybe he is just a cat that likes his food or is that too simplistic? It seems that overeating of domestic cats generally is a big problem worldwide particularly in the USA (they follow their human companions..sorry Americans).

I am guessing that you can feed a restricted calorie diet. Do you have Hills LD in Mumbai by the way? I would be interested to know. I am certain that you play with him as much as time and circumstance allows.

Did he have a problem when being nursed by his mother?

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