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My Cat Explosion

My Cat Explosion


Photo added by Michael (Admin) - There are about 36 cats in this picture taken in a great sanctuary in Brazil - by fofurasfelinas (Flickr)

one day my little cat got outside and didnt come back for three months when she came back she was huge!! all she did was eat and sleep and three weeks later we had kittens then when those kittens grew up they got there sisters pregnant then even more cats came,by the time we got the male cats got fixed there was 36 cats and that was the cat explosion................. WE STILL HAVE THEM NOW AND EXPECTING 6 MORE


Hi...CHAD Thanks for sharing. Do you think you could have handled things a little better? I added the picture of about 36 cats in a cat sanctuary to give an idea to our visitors what 36 cats in one place looks like.

I am not sure it was a good idea to let your female cat wander off unspayed to return pregnant and then let the newborns procreate some more.

Are you able to cope with all your cats to a good standard? And now half a dozen more. Is this wise?

There are too many cats without homes in the USA.

"..The harsh that the purposeful euthanasia of healthy but unwanted cats is currently the leading cause of death for cats in the United States"...The Cat, Its Behavior, Nutrition & Health by Linda P Case published by Blackwell Publishing ISBN 978-0-8138=0331-9

Might it have been better if you'd had your female neutered, plus supervised her a bit better, and then if you want to keep 36 cats (and more) and can do so properly, to adopt them from shelters. That probably would have saved the lives of 30 or more cats.

Just a thought. Thanks once again for telling us about your cats. I think, though, that your story will upset some people.

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My Cat Explosion

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Mar 18, 2010
by: Michael

Yes, Finn, I hadn't thought of that. Sounds possible. Very possible.

Mar 18, 2010
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

I think Chad is trolling for our shocked comments. The cost of just feeding 36 cats would exceed the budget of any standard household.

Michael Broad

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