My cat follows me everywhere. What to do?

This is not a bad thing, but it might irritate some cat owners if their cat follows them everywhere. It shouldn’t though. Personally, I can’t see the problem which means I am reluctant to provide a solution! But as some cat owners tell the world in social media forums that their cat follows them, it IS a problem for these people. I say change your attitude. You’ll stop reading now 😉.

Cat follows me everywhere
Cat follows me everywhere. Image: MikeB from (1) background image: Pixabay and (2) cat free transparent background images.
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Surrogate mothers

It means that the cat has a close relationship with their human caregiver. And it supports the theory that domestic cats regard their humans as surrogate mothers. When they get older, they may lose a bit of this attitude, but it is a lifelong issue as humans look after cats totally.

It is to be expected that some domestic cats will follow their owner. It depends on the cat’s character. Perhaps a more anxious cat might do it more often in seeking reassurance. A more confident cat is likely to feel less anxious and be comfortable on their own.

Some cats are more inquisitive than others. They might follow their owner because they think that their owner is doing something interesting. Young cats might follow to learn from their ‘mother’. It is the kind of behaviour that young wild cats indulge in when learning to become independent.

Human issue not a cat problem

Arguably the problem is not the cat’s behaviour but the cat owner’s attitude if they are unhappy with being followed. There will be a good reason other than the above such as:

  • Your cat is hungry and is asking for food.
  • Your cat wants attention because you have been out a lot. They miss your presence.
  • Your cat simply wants to be with you.

I believe that a potential solution will often be to give more time to interacting with your cat. This should satisfy him/her to the point where she no longer feels the need to follow. You burn off that emotional need through copious amounts of play.

You’ll need some nice toys, but they should be toys operated by humans such cat teases. You don’t want to use toys that are operated by your cat as the aim is human involvement and more human-to-cat interaction in a controlled way to satisfy a cat of their need to be with their caregiver.

This may work. However, it may lead to a closer bond which is great, but the following habit may be reinforced 💓.

Cat following owner is good

I think the point to make is that a domestic cat following their owner is fundamentally good. It is not something to criticise. It is cat behavior that indicates a nice bond and a bond is what a caregiver aspires to. If they don’t there is something wrong with the caregiver’s attitude I feel.

The caregiver should get used to it and always check their feet when moving away from the kitchen counter to avoid walking on their cat. That’s just a new habit.

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