My Cat Got Burned Advice Please

My Cat Got Burned Advice Please

by Mary

My cat got burned when she jumped up on the kitchen counter. She’s a right devil like that. I’ve told her but she won’t listen. Well, it is more a scolding as she knocked over some hot water. Mind you she soon got off! Maybe it’ll put her off doing it again but I doubt it. She is always getting into difficulties. If someone can give me some advice I would be pleased – thanks…

Admin: Thanks for your post – My Cat Got Burned Advice Please – and question. I hope someone gives advice. In the meantime here are my thoughts. Cats do get into doggy situations. But they have nine lives to get ’em out. Burns can be caused by the sun (radiation especially on white cats and their ears), chemicals (think garage for example), electric shocks (think poor electrical fittings and plugs) and plain heat. There is a lot of potential for household accidents. It may be that her footpads have been burned slightly of she walked on boiling water. A cat’s feet can get burned on hot surfaces such as roofs and roads in the summer.

It sounds like a superficial burn (light burn) so the area will probably be tender and perhaps red. There may even be some blistering. The experts say that for light burns we should apply a cool compress (not ice) to reduce pain. This might be done for about 30 minutes. The hair in the area of the burn should be gently and carefully clipped away and washed with surgical soap if you’ve got some. The area should then be dried off and and an antibiotic cream or ointment applied. This might be Triple Antibiotic Ointment – 1 Oz ( Generic Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment )

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. You might be able to get this at the local pharmacy (i.e. an ointment for humans). Avoid ointments or creams that contain painkillers as painkillers made for humans are dangerous for cats (see Feline Pain Relief).

If the burn is due to a chemical the area should be well washed before applying the cream.

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My Cat Got Burned Advice Please

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Feb 18, 2009 Added Comment
by: Anonymous

Another tried and true resolution to a stubborn feline is a spray water bottle. When my own beloved decided she wanted to go somewhere unsafe, I gave her the verbal warning – even imitating a momma cat with the low growl. Sometimes that works, but every now and then she gets a bit feisty. She forgets being naughty real fast when I give her a quick spritz from the water bottle. She takes off and doesn’t come back – most of the time… They are funny, aren’t they?

Feb 17, 2009 Get your cat to the vet, pronto!
by: Anonymous

As much as I respect the Admin’s comments, I cannot stress enough to get your cat to the vet!!! While the burn may be topical, unless you are a qualified animal doctor, you do not know what’s going on beneath the fur/skin. How would you feel if you did not have a professional check out your feline and something develops to the detriment of your companion?

For the future, think of your companion as a baby – you need to baby-proof your house. Unlike a dog, you cannot yell or even scold your cat; they won’t listen.

Cats do not like aluminium – the feel, the noise… Try putting aluminum on the counter. Odds are, between the scalding she’s already gotten and the noise/feel of the aluminum, she won’t go back there.

Admin agrees wholeheartedly with this by the way. And thanks for the concern and your thoughtful comment.

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