My Cat Had A Great Halloween!

By Darlene Burrow

Koal my cat enjoying Halloween
“Koal”, my cat, chilling out at Halloween. He’s black but not at all scary 😉
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I’m excited to say Koal had a great first Halloween. He was so very excited as I was decorating for Halloween this year. He found it so interesting along with all the new smells to explore.

As I was unfolding large spider’s legs, Koal thought it was a game. Each leg I unfolded Koal, he played with it and batting it with his adorable paw. When I was able to unfold all the spider’s legs and I stood the spider up on the living room floor the first thing Koal thought of doing was to walk right underneath it and as he walked under it he pawed the legs. It was cute!

I set up a Halloween scene in the living room near a wall. Koal had fun getting into everything as I decorated and set up the scene for Halloween. After I finished that night, Koal found a nice cozy place to lay down and sleep. It was one of his favorite spots to sleep, the Halloween scene and he laid down on a white sheet which was underneath the spiders that I displayed there among other creepy things too. It just fit the scene when Koal laid there and slept. It was very sweet watching him sleep there every day.

All that excitement and brand new things he had never seen before was overwhelming for him but so much fun getting into everything too. Koal told Darlene it was so much fun I hope you do it again soon! Haha!

I had said to my boyfriend, you know what would make my Halloween that much better? I said if I could only get a picture of Koal by the pumpkins it would make my whole Halloween!! It took me pretty much over a half a month to get pictures of Koal laying in front of the pumpkins. When koal finally let me take the picture he was posing so good for me.

Koal posing in front of the pumpkins
Koal posing in front of the pumpkins

This Halloween I bought four tiny pumpkins and I wrote on each pumpkin by paint every cat that I was blessed with so far in my life including Koal. I do this every year! So I wrote hugs, rascal, Milo, and Koal. It truly means a lot to me to do this every year. It was sad this month though because it was Milo’s birthday on Oct. 11th. She would have been 14 years old this year.

I do go to counselling to talk about the loss of Milo. I just can’t get over certain things that Milo and I use to do together and certain things I truly and strongly miss too.

But otherwise I’m doing all right. I had gone to craft class on Oct. 16th and my friends and I decorated pumpkins together which was a lot of fun. And on Oct. 29th I went to a Halloween dance with friends. I even dressed up for this event. I haven’t dressed up in years for Halloween.

Darlene dressed up for Halloween
Me dressed up for Halloween

Then I have been going bowling every Friday night at Ledge View Lanes with friends. Otherwise I have been busy with appointments like crazy for too long, along with trying to find my best a job through DVR services but otherwise I love to play with Koal.

He is my world to me. I love him sooo much! He getting big now since the day that I brought him home. He is so loving and caring and such a bundle of joy to my heart. Somehow, no matter how bad a day I may have, Koal finds a way to make me smile and laugh every day!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween this year too! God bless and take care.

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13 thoughts on “My Cat Had A Great Halloween!”

  1. Oh, Darlene…
    Koal is magnificent.
    I’ve loved all black cats my entire life. They are so slick, cool, smart, and mischievious. So are their caretakers!
    I understand about your beautiful Milo. I loved all of my cats, but there are some that I can’t stop grieving over and ask them to visit me in my dreams as I fall asleep. Some do.

    1. thank you yes indeed black cats are very smart and slick etc. yeah its tough losing a beloved cat did you get your dream may i ask of your cat whom entered into heaven? i had a few dreams of milo also and one nice day out i took a way then took a rest on a side bench and just looked up to the sky and there milo was in the clouds a cloud formed into a cat it looked like my milo i treasured that a lot still do i still write in milo’s journal even after she gone take care

  2. Beautiful kitty and story.I am so happy you gave a home to a black beauty.My black beauty is a rescue and he is 10 years old.

      1. Exactly we don’t care if they are white, Orange, black, tabby etc. I agree Black Cats need all our Love and attention as they are often not picked. I love them, it will be sad when I wont see my Ozzie when I move soon. But Hope to still have regular contact with him. 🙂

    1. awww how precious that you have saved a black beauty too cats are the best blessing and creation god blessed this world with i thank god so much for creating such a blessing of cats! god bless

  3. Love the article Darlene. Love how Kola is looking. So different from Milo. Just love a black Cat. I never thought of doing a Halloween. Over here We have Guy Fawkes Day which will be tomorrow 6th of November. So will need to make sure my Cats. I don’t really agree with that sort of thing. Especially with the hurt that causes animals esp. cats. SO Will keeping door shut the cat door that is at night time.

    1. thank you yes indeed koal is way different from milo i am actually still getting close to an energizing kitten in stead of a calm and relaxed cat i’m use to calm and relaxed cats but koal i love so much he makes me laugh at a lot of things he does

  4. Lovely to hear from you Darlene. I hope you are well and my best wishes to your boyfriend.

    It is great that your cat companion is black. My late Charlie was black. Black cats are great and they say they live longer because they are black!

    As for Halloween, I don’t really like it…;) But that is just me. It is the fireworks I don’t care for and neither do cats usually.

    However, my foster cat doesn’t mind fireworks that much. He tolerates them.

    1. its great hearing from you too! and thank you for letting me know about black cats living longer that really caught my interest very much glad your cats are doing well as well as you my friend take care

      1. The gene that makes a cat black is said to improve health. There is no certainty and of course health varies from cat to cat but that is what scientists believe. They don’t know why.

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