My cat has a loose stool and is vomiting – is he sick?

I have a male cat. He’s fixed, and about 6 years old.

Lately I have noticed that he has loose stool and been vomiting. There are times he can not make it to the bathroom. Other than that he’s a normal active cat.

What could be wrong with him?



Hi Emily…. thanks for visiting and asking. Cats do vomit from time to time and if it is “one off” and occasional we know it is just normal behavior – perhaps some grass chewed that is irritating, for example.

But when it lasts it is a different matter. “If the cat vomits once or twice but appears perfectly normal before and after, the problem is not serious and can be treated at home…”1.

On that basis, judging by your description, the problem is serious for your cat and a visit to the vet is required quickly I would suggest as a cat can become quickly dehydrated if vomiting and has diarrhea – a serious state of affairs. The key is that you say, “There are times he can not make it to the bathroom..”. This is weakness through not getting nourishment and sickness including dehydration, I suggest.

Diseases associated with vomiting include:

Feline panleukopenia, tonsilitis and a sore throat. Another possible cause is poison. This is something that I would suspect in this case particularly if it has come on suddenly, which appears to be the case. Please see Cat Poison.

Feline panleukopenia is also called feline distemper. It comes on quickly and has cat poison like symptoms. It could be this. If so it requires urgent veterinary care – sorry. However, only a vet can diagnose accurately with the patient in front of him/her.

This page discusses feline distemper in detail:

Feline distemper symptom

This page discusses cat vomiting in lots more detail:

Cat Vomiting – the different types of vomiting can give clues as to what the cause is.

This page covers cat diarrhea and its treatment in detail:

Treating Cat Diarrhea

Conclusion: Please take him to the vet. Thanks and good luck.


1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by Drs Giffin and Carlson.

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