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My cat has arthritis what do I do? — 5 Comments

  1. We’ve found Seraquin chewable tablets have worked a miracle with Walter who is now 15 years old and earlier this year his arthritis was so bad he had difficulty jumping and was obviously uncomfortable climbing. Veterinary tablets or powders were very difficult to get him to take and did no good. With our vets blessing we put him on Seraquin, a nutritional supplement, which is very palatable to cats, he loves them, 2 a day, he chews them up and looks for more. He jumps now where he had to climb before! Our vet is impressed! I agree with Albert, massage is good too, we have a vibrating hairbrush and Walt loves to be brushed all over with it.

      • That would be good Michael as we didn’t know about it until a friend told us how much it had helped her cat’s arthritis, nor did our vet until we told her how much Walter was improving after he’d been on it a couple of months and now he has no joint trouble at all. He will be on them for life but it’s worth every penny to us and he just gobbles them down no trouble, so no stress! I see on the Seraquin website that vets are recommending and stocking it now, although it’s cheaper to buy elsewhere of course.

  2. General massage helps. I Massage my cats as a matter of course. The more limber they are the better they can handle arthritis. I go easy, then slow and deep, then easy again, not lasting too long and at a time when they aren’t too active, like late in the day and way after mealtime. Once they feel how great it is afterwards, they sit still and go with it. I focus mainly on the back. They also like a vibrating massager (introduce it slowly).

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