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My cat has constantly enlarged pupils. Any ideas? — 4 Comments

  1. To, calm a cat that’s agitated from being transported I cover the carrier with a towel and leave one side of it open usually the door. That should quiet him down right away , it has most of the time, for me even with ferals. Additionally, I play soft very soft calming music in the car. Cats are very melodic and most really enjoy music. They each have their own preferences so you may have to try several types of music/artists. I offer different selections until the cat stops meowing. Then I believe you have found music they like and want t listen to. It’s ok and easier to use the same so over and over and better if its associated with very positive, enjoyable, and comfortable petting or playing sessions. Each of my cats has had “their” song or even several. I think it really helps ESP for ferals who can get scared off and lost easily- playing the music can help them come back or find you if you move or they get lost.

  2. Try putting some clothes you have worn in her carrier when she goes to the vet. Familiar smells may help. I put Jeff’s stinky socks in there with Monty on his last vet visit and that did help a little. He’s a bit feral too, growls at the vet the whole time.

    Also, tell the vet you suspect your cat is visually impaired. They may have techniques they use to minimize fear for a blind cat. They might approach her differently if they know she’s probably blind, not just semi-feral.

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