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My Cat has Dilated Pupils (always) — 6 Comments

  1. Miss Ashleigh, I hope your cats eyes are not from inbreeding.. I have a 16 yr old male mackerel tabby. this past january he had a runny eye, vet treated it with drops. two weeks later he had a huge lup on his brow, it was soft-like and spongy. vet said it was cancer and my husband wanted an antibiotic. (couldn’t hurt) . one week later the lump was gone. he is still with us today except now he has fixed and dialated pupils.. even in the light. the vet has no concern with this.. I do!!.. he stopped playing and I have to point and tap for him to get his food. vet checked the eyes and examined the optic nerves in the back and are clear… . my cat had no inbreeding and was in a litter of 3 kittens that burned in a fire except for him.. he is a very special cat. and has fought off a lot of medical problems that the vet said he would never live thru. he is getting weaker now but my concern is that he cant see and is scared. he is always in my face to smell my lips when I talk to him.. I wish I knew what the dilated pupils ment…

    • Marianne, your story is touching. You have a wonderful cat. I find it strange that your vet found permanently dilated pupils to be OK. That can’t be right surely? The brain closes down the iris in bright light so there is some sort of neurological problem. There has to be even if he is not blind. Has he been tested for blindness? Thanks for sharing.

  2. I realize this post is old, but just in case people are still reading…
    I have a 7yo cat who was the runt. She weights ~3.5lbs. A mini-kitty. Bottle-fed as her ma didn’t allow her to feed. I took her in after living with her for a year as the roommate was just going to ‘let her go in the woods.’
    She is highly skittish (more so than most cats,) and it’s taken me all these years to gain her trust. She sleeps on me & kneads, etc, and is the sweetest, and weirdest, cat I’ve ever had.
    I found out a few years ago that she was ‘a baker,’ as we affectionately call her, instead of inbred ( mother/son.) She goes feral when taken out of her environment, even vets are scared of her; her tone gets low & she won’t allow touching & forgets who her protectors are.
    As she’s so tiny, we’ve always referred to her as being ‘all eyes and whiskers.’ It wasn’t until about a month ago when we took in a stray (doppelgänger, but growing,) that I realized her constantly enlarged pupils weren’t normal. (@ first I thought something was wrong with the other cat.) Then it slowly dawned on us that her vision may be compromised. She’s clumsy, but so are we, so we always joked she took after us.
    Big, round, black pupils. All the time. When calm, loving, active, spazzing, half-asleep.
    I’m afraid the vet brings so much trauma (lasts for days. & vets have to ‘gas her’ to get near,) so I don’t subject her to visits unless she’s sick, which she rarely has been. She does not adapt to change well. She seems to be in good health, and is a loving sweetheart, and I am also very poor right now, so unless she showed signs of illness, I wouldn’t be able to take her to the vet (& she’s ‘flagged’ at local vets.)
    However this’s pupil thing has me questioning her vision. She doesn’t walk into walls but she misses jumps & is timid navigating.
    Any ideas? Could this be from the inbreeding & not a sign of blindness? She’s always been this way, since she was months old.

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