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My Cat Has Lost Appetite and Weight with Labored Breathing — 6 Comments

  1. Hey my kitten is of 4 months she have a noisy breathing and loosing weight day by day and her nose is always wet… please help me in knowing if she is having some problem

    • Hi, there is only one thing that you must do immediately and that is take your kitten to a veterinarian. I’m sorry if you might find that something which is too expensive to contemplate. But it is the only way forward. Kittens are very vulnerable. They can die quite easily and clearly your kitten requires veterinary treatment as a matter of urgency. I cannot diagnose the illness because I am neither a veterinarian nor do I have all the facts to hand to make a diagnosis. I wish you the very best of luck and the same goes for your kitten.

  2. I have concerns about my cat. She is only 10 months, her mother and her became sick out of nowhere, the mother has gotten better, however my cat hasnt. My cat started improving for 2 days and then got worse, she has been sick a little over a week now. We noticed she had lost a substantial amount of weight, she eats a good amount of food. But she used to be playful and now she is unresponsive when she is called, she doesn’t move unless she is moving to a new sleeping spot. And tonight i noticed that she is breathing weird. It seems as if she is panting like she ran alot but has not moved in hours, also she makes wheezing noises every breath she takes. Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with my cat, i am getting worried.

    • Chystal, thanks for visiting. My impression is that your cat is seriously ill and needs urgent veterinary attention. You won’t be able to home diagnose and treat her I am afraid. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    • Chrystal…
      RUN, RUN, RUN to your nearest vet clinic now!
      I could give you many reasons for her symptoms; but, ALL of them would require that you take her to a vet.
      Forget any costs. Most clinics will work with you on a payment plan.
      Your cat is very much in danger of dying right now.
      What you are describing is near-death behavior.

  3. Well, my cat, who is 13 I believe is going thru the same thing. She wont eat anything but tuna, and I mix some powedered amoxicillan in with it. I dont know if she will get better, she is rather old… but its so hard watching her. Our dog died 6 mo ago from cancer, so I feel like I just went thru all of this. Losing a pet is awful. They really do become part of the family… It s too bad they have shorter lifespans. Watching them suffer, and not really knowing how to help because they cant speak is one of the worst parts. All I can do is just be there for her.

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