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My cat has matted fur. How do I go about grooming matted cat fur? — 2 Comments

  1. I recommend that anyone with a long haired cat spend a few minutes daily with a wide tooth comb on your cat’s fur. I have a medium long haired cat, and I comb and brush her every day. That way I can feel if a mat is starting, and take care of it right away.

    I’ve read that mats are painful to cats, as they might be to us when we groom our own hair. I think some people believe that since cats groom themselves, they take care of the mats. This is not true. If it was, we wouldn’t see so many matted cats.

    I have a method for removing small mats that are just starting. I use a flea comb every day, that enables me to know when mats are present. I also go all over my cat with my hands while petting her, and as soon as I feel a mat, I go at it.

    I GENTLY try to separate the mat, as I would a tangle in my own hair, rather than just pulling at it. OUCH! It takes patience, but it just adds to the bonding with our cat. I’m sure my cat appreciates this.

    My method is kind of unusual because I use a box cutter to cut it away. I hold on to the end of the mat, and very gently and carefully cut the mat off. I do this when my cat is relaxed in my lap from petting.

    I don’t trust scizzors to be sharp enough, and I don’t want to take a chance at cutting her. It works well for me.

    There are certain times of the year when she’s prone to a few mats, but I don’t really know the cause.

    Taking daily time to groom my cat includes using the flea comb and baby swabs to clean her ears using a bit of coconut oil. By inspsecting the comb, I can find any fleas easily. I have other grooming tools that reduce the amount of excess fur. One is the Shed Monster, which she really prefers of all those I’ve tried. I like it because it works!

    I used to find fur in her stools, but hardly ever now. And since she’s been on raw food, she’s not constipated anymore. I think it’s a good combination.

    I watch her litter box so I know how she’s doing. If she has runny stools, I think about what she’s eaten if I’ve changed foods.

    Paying attention to your cat’s coat is a basic way to detect

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