My Cat Has Rapid Breathing

My Cat Has Rapid Breathing

by Jennifer

My normally very lively cat is nonreactive and groggy and her breathing is extremely rapid and her breaths are light. Also her head seems very heavy and she has not moved all day. If anyone could help me that would be great as i am very worried. Thank you…..see below..

Hi Jennifer Thanks for the submission and my very best to your cat. The symptoms described are really too skimpy for visitors to diagnose at a distance and in any case it would seem that your cat may be ill to the point where a vet’s intervention is required urgently.

The symptoms as described fit Feline Anemia. But they are quite general symptoms so there may be many other possibilities and possible underlying causes.

Rapid breathing can also be caused by pain, stress, fever, overheating, shock, dehydration, lung disease, heart disease, kidney failure, poisoning.

I’d see a veterinarian asap…Michael (PoC Admin).

P.S. I changed the title for search engine optimisation reasons. I trust this is OK.

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