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My Cat Hates Me — 2 Comments

  1. Recently, one of my cats had to go to the vet. Turned out to be nothing serious-just n attitude I couldn’t explain. All is okay, but that visit stressed out all the others to the point of not eating and vomiting. Another went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. Another day of no one eating. Got lots of junk food for them. All food spurned. The next evening, I put out their normal dry and they all ate in the proper room. It took two more days of little eating, but they got their regular food at the right times and in the right rooms. I’ve won back their trust and I did it on their terms. They really don’ “hate”. they were in an unfamiliar situation and it took a few days to readjust.

  2. I wouldn’t change a word of this explanation, except to highlight that we need to create an atmosphere of trust and good expectations with cats. I do have a cat that displays the signs of jealousy. He comes between me and any other cat, predictably and relentlessly. It’s a little annoying but adorable.

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