“My cat is goddam KING”. Cat defends his home against inquisitive raccoon.

Cat defends home from raccoon

Cat defends home from raccoon. Screenshot from video.

The video has gone viral. A security camera outside the door to the home of Lindsay Mills recorded the unusual event. An inquisitive raccoon gingerly sniffs his way up the steps towards the cat door (cat flap). When he arrives he gets a nasty surprise.

The defence of territory comes before all else for the domestic cat! He is brave because in a straight fight a raccoon would probably win.

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Lindsay’s comments to her video are interesting.

“So the funniest part of this is that neighborhood cats try to come in all the time and my cat doesn’t try to fight them AT ALL. Doesn’t even meow at them. But a raccoon twice his size that could easily hurt him is when he finally decides he’s had enough.”


“People keep asking why animals have access to the house lol. The cat door is supposed to only unlock when it detects my cat’s tag on his collar…but he hated the clicking sound it made so it’s turned off. His house, his rules.”

My cat was like that. I installed an expensive automatic cat door which responded to his microchip but it made too much noise which put him off using the cat door so I had to disable it.

Raccoons kill cats. They can be cute and there are videos of cats being friendly with raccoons or raccoons ignoring cats in backyards etc. but they are dangerous to cats.

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