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My cat is healthy and fine on dry food — 23 Comments

  1. She is a black/red torbie and white. Yes she has some stripes especially on the back of her head. A very nicely-behaved sokak kedi who has everything going for her now. Today I saw her mother who is a bushy-tailed grey tabby and white. She has 2 more nice kittens, one just like her and an interesting Van-patterned cutie. One ear is black and the other white and the tail black and no body spots at all.

  2. Demet is doing a lot better now. She eats the good food too. She seems to have too much of an appetite but is also a lot ;livelier and playful than when I first got her.

  3. Thats interesting Harvey is my kitty Jasmine steals food from table too esp cereal and milk. sometimes its hard to get her to move away. She looks geogerous. Looks skinny too. You do an amazing Job with those Cats/Kittens

    • So funny, Kylee.
      I have 2 cats that will take my Cheerios out of the bowl if I let them.
      I walk around the house with my bowl, them following me, just to get a few spoonfuls myself. Then, it’s all theirs.
      I could, easily, starve to death here.

  4. Hi Kylee. Lightly cooked chicken liver and hearts are high in taurine as well as vitamins and protein but lack calcium. That’s why they should get it mixed with canned food and a wide variety of other stuff like roast chicken with the soft bones. I notice that my newly rescued TA kitten Demet (Bouquet) steals bread from the table. That will give you an idea what she has been surviving on until I found her.

    • Oh, Harvey,
      This is Bouquet? So sweet.
      Here, we would call her calico.
      But, I love all of her white, and her tail is awesome.

      A darling little carbohydrate eating girl. So lucky now, baby.

  5. A P.S..There is a lot of information on the internet these days about problems with dry cat food yet it remains popular. Are people ignoring the advice for the sake of convenience? It looks like that.

    • I guess its just people believe what the advertisements say to them and that it sounds so convincing. Esp when they say with Whiskas “Cats know the Difference and Taste”. I’ve Noticed, Jasmine is eating the Dry Vet food she got when i got her fixed Royal Canin for Neutered young Female. When she first started it she hated it but now she seems more interested.

  6. Hi Kylee. You can try them with only wet food and added chicken, chicken liver, fish, etc. If I give my Kahraman just a little bit of dry food of any kind he immediately gets diarrhea again. The same with Isadora. I can imagine that it can’t be good for any of my cats although I don’t see any ill effects. Like the article says ” They do well on dry until they get sick (from it).
    It’s more work preparing the wet food but there is a lot less cleaning and changing litter boxes, not to mention the health improvement, and that’s what counts the most.

    • Aww shes beautiful. Yea I’m starting to realize that. Have just found out down the road from me. There is a Pet Shop Food. Which I think I might have a look at see if they would eat some of it. They look like they offer raw meat so might be a good time to get them some better food.

  7. Several of my cats developed diarrhea which did not respond to any kind of treatment. I switched them to only wet canned food with extra protein added and they were “miraculously” cured overnight. Most of my cats get that food now and there is an unexpected benefit. the amount of fecal matter is reduced by about 70% They are no longer eating indigestible carbohydrates which just passes through without providing any nourishment. . it’s rather like person eating a roll of toilet paper every day with their normal food.

    • Thats amazing Harvey!! I did notice when I gave the Cats esp Rebel when have a mix of dry and Wet food he wasn’t as Sick i.e Vomiting. So maybe that’s whats needed. I Give mine Dry Whiskas with water and wet pouches. Sometimes give them some raw meat

    • Impressive that the amount of waste is so dramatically reduced. This must be confirmation as you state of the amount of indigestible and/or filler material in dry cat food.

  8. Yes, I had read what Lisa Pierson DVM had to say about a totally dry food diet at one time.
    She may have been instrumental in converting some people into considering a wet food diet.

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