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My cat is lethargic and not going to the toilet as often — 2 Comments

  1. please can u help me, i took in this female cat who may be pregnant again after not long having a litter this will be her fith, i tried getting the owner to get her done but no joy so i took her. Anyway she’s been here now 3days and no sign of a toilet, i have wormed and gave her a spot on for the fleas, she half wild and half domesticated meaning he just feed her no love and cuddled. I have a number that im going to call today to get her done s.a.p were i got my other cat sorted.. what can i do about her not going a toilet important worried… thank u

    • Hi Tracey. Sorry you are both in this predicament. If she is constipated it can be caused by:

      • FeLV – Of all feral and roaming cats up to 40% may have the infection (USA)
      • Hypothyroidism
      • Key-Gaskell Syndrome (rare)
      • Problem with the small and large bowel

      Read these posts on cat constipation.

      As she is semi-feral it is quite likely she may have FeLV or some other underlying disease. You’ll have to see a vet I think.

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