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My cat is licking her rear excessively — 6 Comments

  1. My cats butt inflamed. Dried Blood around outside diameter. Licking but and base tail. Scooting butt. Per your article we taking her to vet on Sukkot in Tel Aviv Israel. Thank You for info

  2. My cat is doing the same licks herself what can I do to relief her from doing this helppppp please she’s my special cat I don’t know what I’d do without her I love her so much

    • Hello Norinne. I feel for you. I think you have to take her to the vet. There is no other genuine answer. Just ask for a diagnosis on that issue alone. Don’t get sucked in to other diagnoses and treatments.

      I know you are concerned about the cost of it and I understand that but there is no other solution and it may not be expensive if the diagnosis is straightforward and the treatment also straightforward.

      I can’t really add to what I have written on this page already.

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