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My cat is noisy at night — 5 Comments

  1. Yeah I don’t recall ever having this problem. So what am I doing that others may not be? I keep engaged mentally and physically with them. I acknowledge them every time I look at them, or walk by them. And since I can’t physically run around the yard anymore, I take walks and they come along. If you walk slowly and stay engaged, they walk like they’re trained to do it. Now I haven’t done these things in order to have them settle down at night, it simply worked out that way, but I never had the problem to begin with. I know they’re wired to be up at dusk, dawn or in-between to hunt, but I’m not sure just how strong that instinct is anymore. I think you have to engage them or they’ll be up at night trying to have a good day.

    • Perhaps your cat companion are more domesticated than mine 😉 Mine is barely domesticated. He has to hunt at night.

    • Interesting perception! When I wake in the middle of the night, I always check to see where she is in my room. She now has 6 sleeping spots in my tiny room, where there’s little room to walk. All but one looks out a big picture window to the neighborhood. If I don’t see her immediately, I begin to search.

      I wonder if other cat guardians find that working a late night shift stops their cat from waking them during their sleep time.

  2. Michael, as I’m sure I already told you, I never have this problem. I work late evenings into the early morning (normally 7pm to 3am). By the time I get settled and ready to go to sleep, my cats usually are ready to settle down too. And, being that I have more than one, they usually pester each other!! LOL!! In my entire life of having kitties (50+ yrs), I have never had my cats try to wake me up — they must know that Mommy needs her sleep. That always amazed my Mom when I was still at home, but it is very true. My cats would try to wake someone else before bothering me! ♥♥♥

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