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My cat is panting heavily — 2 Comments

  1. It’s good to hear that cat panting isn’t necessarily an emergency, but still could be. It’s an attention getter and unless I know the cat is just a panter, I’ll always check them. I have a russian blue who panted as a juvenile and has grown out of it. I think being young and easily excited makes them tend to overdo their running around. Still, especially or regardless I put cold water out on hot days. The older cats might be wiser but more frail so I especially watch and help them too. They might be good at hiding pain, but when they slow way down, flop down, breathe and pant, cool ’em down easily (don’t throw them in cold water or dowse with a hose. Boiling brain ain’t good but neither is brain freeze.

    • Wise words. I have seen my cat pant only when in the car when going to the vet and it’s because of anxiety and the warmth of the car interior.

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