My cat is the Queen of Cats

My cat is the Queen of Cats

by Michelle Ballinger
(Barnes London)

All your photos etc are exceptionally good -they have been selected very well. I love cats (despite being a dog-lover most of my life!) My cat is a good old fashioned moggy (domestic medium hair length)and I love her to bits. Actually, I think she is descended from the Norwegian Forest cat, which means she is hardy and intelligent ;-). She’s getting on in years and loves her food a little too much – she goes mad for fresh fish and prawns in particular – so she’s a little over weight and not as nimble as she used to be.

Nevertheless, I worship her – she has her own little routines and likes to do the exact opposite from what you want her to do i.e. she decides to go out when I go to bed and when I get up she wants to be brushed.

This in itself is a ritual -I brush her all the time otherwise her coat at the back can get quickly tangled and then I clear her chakras so her ‘chi’ is flowing freely thru her little body – it’s our daily ritual – she’s my little sister and I love her to bits – just thought I’d share this with other cat lovers out there.

I’ll try to post a photo of her -she’d like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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