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My Cat Is Too Needy. Advice Please — 8 Comments

  1. This poor needy cat is afraid her other person will vanish too, therefore she is making sure he knows how much she loves and needs him. Yowling when shut away from him, staring at him, sleeping on his pillow, rubbing more against him, she is marking him as her property, telling him not to go away too as she loves and needs him.
    He needs to be very patient and spend as much time as possible with the cat, leave unwashed an item of clothing he has worn, for her to lie on when he has to go out, so that she still feels close to him.
    Time and patience and lots of tlc will help the cat adjust and she will realise eventually that he isn’t going to desert her too.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I agree with Marc – cat toys and quality time including play time.

    Furthermore, what was it about the other person that the cat might miss so badly aside from losing one of two parents. Perhaps the person with the cat could try some of that as well.

    The two people should discuss it for the sake of the cat. Maybe the person who left can figure out what the cat misses so much about that person.

    If possible, the person who left might come over a couple times a week to spend some time with the cat provided the two people can tolerate each other.

    If the cat is young enough, a second or even two more cats might help.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • Hi Liz, good advice. I particularly like the “cat contact” or “cat access” idea. In other words the leaving partner visits occasionally to ease the problem. This is similar to the way divorcing parents deal with their children when they split up only the kids go and visit Dad rather than Dad coming to the home. Anyway a nice thought that crossed my mind after I wrote the post.

      Please you agree with Marc. Play time is the answer. That requires a bit of commitment from the caretaker and I wonder whether she is committed enough.

      • Hi Michael,

        You said, “…I wonder whether she is committed enough.”

        That was another thing about the post that worried me. It doesn’t seem like she is into being a cat parent. That’s a problem, what to do if that’s the case?

        It’s not good if the person who has the cat now starts neglecting the cat from this point on. That sort of person shouldn’t have a cat.

        One possibility is that the other person could come back and take the cat.

        =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • I agree – maybe even 2 more so the first doesn’t have to have the pressure constantly of a new cat. 2 new kittens will look after themselves and play with eachother and the first/orig cat can choose to join in or not.

  3. A cat will not be needy if you play with it for a while regularly. You can always get a cat to play even if at first it doesnt seem possible. Its instinct and it always kicks in if you do the right things. This will solve all problems of health and psychology for the cat. If the cat is alone all day however even if you play alot when you are home its going to be very hard for the cat during the day so you must get another cat and do all the right things to ensure they get along. Again, play will help them to get along. Playing together will solve most problems although it might take time. First of all however – you must accept the problem and agree to work towards making it better. With that attitude and a few games and toys you can work wonders.

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