My cat likes to have sex with my left arm. I allow it.

Yes, my cat likes to have sex with my left arm. You can see it in the video. I think it’s normal. I accept it completely. I want him to express his natural desires. It does no harm when he does it (except to gradually destroy my dressing gown) and I presume it satisfies him to a certain extent.

I don’t know whether anybody else has experienced this. Cats bite the nape of the neck of the female to keep her from fighting back. This is what you see in the photos.

Update: 2022: He is still doing it almost 8 years later! Every day when I wear this old dressing gown which is now thoroughly trashed ??. So winter is the time for this ritual.


Despite being neutered my cat has retained his sexual urges and his desire to procreate. He is frustrated in expressing that desire because of a lack of available female cats. He relates to me as his surrogate mother and a feline mother. When he has sex on my arm, in his mind he is having sex with his mother. This happens in the cat world.

It is a combination event. He also kneads and purrs. The kneading is a kitten response and replicates a kitten kneading at his mother’s breast to bring on the milk. He’s a bit mixed up? A lot of domestic cats are a little confused because they have wildcat instincts but live in a human environment. This creates distortions to their behavior.

The fleece dressing gown is important I believe because it feels like a cat. I have two dressing gowns and the other one does not elicit this reaction.

You can see his sex-drive in the eyes in this photo:

Gabriel having sex with my arm AGAIN!

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I think it’s important that a cat can express his natural desires and emotions as best as possible. Sometimes we have to compromise for the sake of safety and curtail these drives. Do you think I’m crazy to let him do this?

My cat having sex with my left arm

He does it while I am watching television sometimes, I just let him do it. Or when I read the newspaper. He’ll do for about 10-15 minutes, in all, which is quite a long time. At first, I stopped him but then I thought it was unfair. It doesn’t bother me. Somebody might think it’s a bit gross. Some people may think I’m wrong to allow it. As I said, I have to be wearing my fleece dressing gown which I presume feels like fur to him! He won’t do it when I am wearing other clothing.

I expect he will stop when he’s neutered (it did not change a thing by the way). He’s never sprayed anywhere (wrong: he sprays outside). He is generally a very well-behaved young cat but being young is a bit manic, driven by his instincts.

At the moment (2015) he goes out on a leash. He accepts his harness completely and likes it now. He knows that when it is put on him, he is going to go out. I’ve trained him to come to me so when he does go out alone, I am hopeful that I can call him back if I’m worried about his whereabouts.

The reason why he goes out on a leash at the moment is because I want him to become familiar with his surroundings. I wanted him to know where the door to his home is. If there is trouble, he can then race back and hide. After all, he is very young. And, of course, I would not let him free roam before being neutered. Update: I have moved home since, and he now free roams but it sensible thank God. Also being young he is liable to be stupid and do things which are dangerous to him due to inexperience.

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I’m trying to make is life as good as possible while also making it as safe as possible. After moving home to a house he is now confined to a garden enclosure and the house.

Below are some articles on so called ‘strange cat behavior’.

51 thoughts on “My cat likes to have sex with my left arm. I allow it.”

  1. OMG – I am not alone!

    Thank you everyone for this, I felt really creeped out.

    I have a 2 year old Tuxedo neutered male. He’s been trying to hump my arm for the past year. He starts with a meow and a lock bite to my arm or foot or leg, then he’ll slowly try and hump slide his way out.

    I tell him off and bless him he try’s to fight back. Then he goes and sits alone and for what I can call ‘finishes himself off’ 😷 🤢

    I will never allow him to do that to me. I’m his dad and his best mate and everything in life needs boundaries

    • Each to their own I say. From his perspective it is natural, and he gets pleasure from it. What harm in allowing it? The rule that you have in stopping it is about your feelings and how your cat’s behaviour affects you. The first duty of cat caregivers is to make their cat as happy as possible, and you do that by allowing a cat to express natural desires if at all possible. I just don’t see a problem.


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