My cat LOVES to show his belly

By Reno

As you can see, he is quite sweet and LOVES to show his belly.  He is the only cat I have ever had that actually begs for belly rubbies.  🙂

Cat who loves his belly rubbed

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59 thoughts on “My cat LOVES to show his belly”

      1. hes a very sensitive boy ive had him for 7yrs. He was going to be shot if i didnt get him. I couldnt handle people doing that. Hes a definite mummys boy for sure

          1. he got given to me as the person was going to kill the poor animal if i didnt take it. i was sure he would do that as hes done that to animals before. Hes always been a scared cat esp around children and will only come to me or my partner but has taken a long time for him to trust partner so i believe he prob was harmed in some way when he was a kitty.

      1. i dont know but i sure wasnt going to take the risk. I think in a way if i hadnt taken the animals i did they would of been worse off. I cant save them all but the ones ive saved have had a bigger life. They give so much love back.

        1. my other kittie from left ozzie-black fluffy kitty- saved from my sister as she couldnt cope with him. Rebel my ginger red that i got as thought cassy wasnt coming home when she did. tiger my tiger tht is like cassy tabby cat. Also likes to suckle on earlope again saved from my sister as at the time the cat wasnt allowered inside as her bf didnt like cats inside. He was very happy when we took him home didnt complain at all. Is such a loving cat now.

          1. Thank you i just cant handle cats being abused or hurt as they dont ask for much just to be loved and accepted and have a forever home xx

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      All cat caretakers should to remind us what it’s like being a cat 😉
      Hope you are feeling better now Elisa x

    1. LOL. This is a unique cat photo 😉 Paying homage is a good description. Love the photo. It is also very tender and loving. Poignant for me.

      1. Henry was about to be coyote food. He’s a stray Laura had fed for 10 months. Always showing up wet or dirty. We got a trap and caught him after hearing the coyotes. What’s strange is how he made friends with the bullies Jasper and Sammy. Henry didn’t even want belly rubs til he saw Jasper gettingone. The three boys run all over the house chasing each other.

          1. He doesn’t like me at all. He knows Laura put the food out for him several times a day an is now her lap kitty. We’re saving on cat food with him inside. Turns out he was coming to eat at least 4 times a day.

          1. This was made his first day inside. See how dirty and afraid he was. My friends all thought he was a cream colored Burmese. They couldn’t believe he was a white cat.

    1. Yes, as Ruth says, Henry is gorgeous. He has yellow eyes too. Sometimes you’ll see odd-eyes in all white cats. Also they can be deaf as you know. I presume he is not deaf.

      1. Laura tested him first thing. His hearing is fine. It’s just strange how well he fit in. For the boys to have friended him is amazing.

  1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

    Monty loves to show his belly too. He will move his back leg so you can reach his lower belly better while petting him.

  2. Here is Charlie belly up (sort of). This was when he was overgrooming his belly. He stopped a long time ago. He may have been a bit stressed immediately after I adopted him due to the move to a new home. He is quite a nervous cat. He is like a beached whale 😉 A bit of middle-aged spread too.

    1. Dee, do you me, Michael? You might mean me — and if so the answer is no because I moved home. And I’ll tell you I miss them. I guess they miss me too. I fed them well with treats! It was Christmas every day for them. If it had been possible and ethical I would have adopted them. They were brother and sister.

  3. CJ Sobol’s name is an acronym which stands for “Champagne Junior Sweet Orange Bundle Of Love”. He came to us a a baby kitten from a mama cat that had been dumped at a friend’s parents’ house in upstate NY. They live near Lake George and have LOTS of property so folks dump cats there a lot. Since my friend is a vet, she spays all the mamas and we find loving homes for the babies. The mamas stay at the barn in NY as most of them are feral. Sobie is a very loving, trusting kitty. He is the “welcoming commitee” for each new kitty we bring into the household. He snuggles with them, grooms them, and makes them feel comfortable. He is the only kitty we have that is not a special needs cat. Usually, we don’t adopt kittens, we take seniors or those with medical/emotional issues as they are not likely to be adopted. Sobie called to me, though, as he showed up at the vet not long after my first ginger boy crossed the Bridge. Their purrsonalities were so similar that I felt I needed to take the kitten. 🙂

    1. That’s the longest and most involved cat name I have ever seen. I am very impressed and can see why you shortened it 😉

      The shortened version is interesting. I wondered whether it was his name because it is unusual. You have an imagination.

      1. Well I can’t take all the credit. The idea of naming a ginger cat SOBOL came from a friend. The CJ part was original, though. 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this, Michael! And thank you all for your lovely comments and sharing your kitty bellies with me. They are all quite handsome. 🙂

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I love both those bellies. I love all cats bellies and I love to nuzzle Jozef’s belly and he just invites us to do that and sometimes I have to risk my skin and give Walter’s belly a quick nuzzle too lol

    1. Ruth, does Jozef allow you to put your face into his belly (if you want to do it that is). Charlie is not great with his belly. He lets me mess around a bit but never goes belly up like Reno’s cat.

  6. Cats control their body temperature though their mid sections. When they are cold, they curl up. When they are hot they lay on their backs with their bellies up. When they do it while laying near you/on you they probably are wanting belly rubs. Gorgeous kitties Reno and DW. I love gingers!

    1. Thanks for that snippet of interesting info Dan. The belly fur softer too. It is also thinner. I think this is because there are no guard hairs under the cat (not needed) and the downy undercoat is revealed.

  7. Ah bless both of those gorgeous ginger bellies, I just want to nuzzle in there and kiss those little round tummies, Jozef allows it but Walter gets our heads if we try and nuzzle his private belly

  8. Reno, he has a very nice belly and I’d love to rub it myself if he’d let me. He must be close to and and trusting of you which is very nice. Good photo.

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