My Cat May Have FIP – Please Help!

My Cat May Have FIP – Please Help!

They say my cat could have FIP. She is one year old and only 5 pounds and isn’t gaining any weight either. She started off sneezing constantly and having really cloudy eyes and now she is having a tough time walking and her back end seems to be falling over constantly.

Also, she is constantly peeing but mainly in her sleep. They say it may be fatal and have done a numerous amount of test on her but aren’t seeming to get anywhere. If anyone knows anything then please help because the last thing I’d want is for this good cat to suffer. Thanks.

Hi.. thanks for visiting. I am very sorry to hear of your cat’s illness.

The symptoms that you describe are:

-Cloudy eyes
-Difficulty walking
-Peeing while sleeping

In my view, the way to diagnose this is to see where these symptoms intersect. In other words where all four are in place. Sneezing is a very general symptom indicating an upper respiratory infection but when combined with “having a tough time walking and her back end seems to be falling over constantly” and the other symptoms that must give us a good clue.

Before I go on, only you in consultation with your vet can decide the best course of action. This is written with the intention of providing information only.

It seems possible that in this case that Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is present because it is a disease that results in a combination of symptoms as described.

FIP is caused by a member of the Coronavirus group (Feline Viruses). Cats initially show signs of a mild respiratory disease – runny nose or eye discharge. The secondary infection is FIP.

FIP commonly affects cats of 6 months to 5 years of age and elderly cats (11+). This matches the age of your cat.

There are two forms: wet and dry. The dry form affects “a variety of organs including the eyes, brain, kidney and pancreas”.

Kidney failure can be caused by FIP. One of the first signs of kidney failure is an increase in voiding (“constantly peeing”). The kidneys can’t conserve water.

FIP can produce a brain infection (Encephalitis). This results in an inflammation of the brain. The symptoms include: fever, behavioral changes, personality changes and loss of coordination including an unstable gait (“a tough time walking”).

This combination of signs does seem to indicate FIP.

I have used the Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook as a reference in preparing this response. Please read my thoughts on cat illness diagnosis.

I wish you and your cat the very best of luck.

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My Cat May Have FIP – Please Help!

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Oct 29, 2010 My Cat Nylan Probably Had FIP
by: Riverside Robyn

Late last November, I was given a very small tuxedo kitten–he fit in the palm of my hand. And he was sick with an upper respiratory infection. Over the next nine months he had three courses of antibiotics with steroids and weighed only five pounds at most. He too, developed a wobbly gait and constant peeing. He also had a hard time breathing (fluid in the chest cavity), extraordinary foul breath, and his green eyes turned a sickly yellow. That last sign, along with the peeing, indicated liver and/or kidney failure. He crossed the rainbow bridge on August 5.

Through each bout, he spent an hour three times a day in a small bathroom first steamed up from a hot shower, and maintained with a vaporizor. I fed him wet kitten cat food along with his usual dry. I made sure he had clean fresh water and a folded towel to lay on. I would also suction his nose if there was a discharge.

The only thing I would have done differently was in the administration of the antibiotic. The usual course is for 10 days which I completed each time. But I later found out that if the antibiotic was not working (and it only seemed to help for a couple of days), then you should discontinue use immediately. I feel that this contributed to the renal problems Nylan had at the end.

I grieve for little Nylan everyday. Try your best and love your pet everyday you have them around.

Oct 27, 2010 I’m so sorry
by: Joyce Sammons

I went through this with one of the most precious kittens ever. I wish you luck in dealing with this. My baby had the falling over walking drunk kind. Here’s his story. It’s one of the hardest things I ever had to go thru. Please keep up posted here.

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