My Cat Milo — 5 Comments

  1. hi everyone i need your help please since the new website that they changed i can’t figure out what to push or click on to write more stories about my precious baby milo please help me if you can thank you so much

    • Hi Darlene, You can give me your story in one two ways. You can use the form on this page:

      Or send me the story by an email. You have my email address so you can use that, if you prefer. I look forward to hearing from you and hope both you and Milo are well.


      • hi i was just wondering what is your e-mail address again and so i just send you an e-mail of the story i would like to publish on your site in an e-mail can i send you pictures of milo to put on the story too please let me know thank you so much for your help and time hope all is well with you too

        • Hi Darlene. I have sent you an email today. If you respond to it with your story and an attached picture, I will put them on the site. Hope you are well Darlene.

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