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My Cat, Mitzy, Escaped A Death Sentence Twice — 1 Comment

  1. A brilliant story which held my attention throughout. It is also very nicely written. Thank you very much for contributing. You showed a lot of courage and determination which is very admirable. I don’t know how many people would show that kind of determination to help their cat’s welfare and survival. And I love it that the ending is good in that you found a good solution and a permanent solution to her constipation.

    Over the years, I have heard of quite a lot of instances of the benefits of raw cat food. I remember early on receiving a comment from a Bengal Cat owner who said that her cat had smelly poo! This is a trait, apparently, of this breed of cat. She put her cat on raw food and the “problem” went away.

    Thank you once again for sharing your experiences. I hope that it encourages others to do the same thing. I always love personal experiences. They are very real and there are “at the coalface” of cat caretaking/guardianship.

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