My cat pees inside the box but poops outside it. Help Please!

My cat pees inside the box but poops outside it. Help Please!

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I have a female cat that looks almost exactly as the one shown above. Her name is Helen. She loves to be petted and to explore outside, although rarely leaving the back yard.

She is very, very soft and overall beautiful. She wants to sleep on my bed everynight and hates spending the night outside, same with being in the car, she hates it!

Although in the last two years something has come up that not even the vet can figure out. Its truly disgusting, and hope to find out how i can resolve this issue.

Helen will only poop outside and never in her liter box. If she is inside, she will usually go behind a curtain or by our front door.

But, she will pee in her litter box, that has never been a problem, thankfully. But I'm not sure what is wrong can anyone help or have a cat that relates to this issue???

Hi.. thanks for visiting and asking. What is interesting is that there has been a change. You imply that two over two years ago she was pooping and peeing in the litter box. If that is what you mean then the answer may be found in what happened two years ago. Was there some kind of change to her circumstances? This may indicate an underlying cause, which could be removed.

If there was no change at all and Helen just changed her habits I would first read these pages, which are general discussions:

Litter Box Aversion

Litter Box Habits

How big should a litter box be?

Also what is interesting is that Helen pees in the litter box. This implies that she has not got an aversion to the litter box in general. The answer might be found in trying to understand the difference from your cat's point of view in peeing and pooping!

My gut feel tells me that I would try different litter and try different depths of litter. Try it at a shallower depth for instance. It may be too deep.

As she goes outside (on the earth I presume), this implies that she prefers the texture of earth, which implies she may respond to a change in cat litter type, ideally one that is nearer to the texture and firmness of earth.

Is there a stray cat outside who upsets Helen? She may be territory marking with poop. Although this is a wild guess.

One last point. If she is allowed to go out to go to the toilet that would remove the problem, at least in the meantime until a permanent solution is found.

Maybe someone else can put forward some more ideas.

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My cat pees inside the box but poops outside it. Help Please! to Cat Health Problems

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My cat pees inside the box but poops outside it. Help Please!

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Jul 23, 2010 Helen
by: Ruth

I can only agree with Michael's good advice !
It seems that Helen associates peeing with using her litter box but pooping with outside.
You could try having 2 litter boxes side by side and some earthy litter in one of them,she may then use that for pooping in.
Sometimes if a cat gets a fright while using her box it puts her off,maybe she was pooping at one time and something happened ?
If it's safe for her to go outside maybe you could solve the problem by letting her go out for a while first thing on a morning.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 23, 2010 please help
by: jo

hi ive been told that peper can help with that esp the black peper corns and there is something that you can get called keep em off from your loacal pet shop how that helps you jo

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