My Cat Rocks Me To Sleep

by Michael

Charlie -- mister massage man.

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Charlie -- mister massage man.

Yes, it's true my cat rocks me to sleep. His name is Charlie and he has three legs. For the last half an hour I have been looking at baby websites and mothering websites to figure out why rocking a baby puts him or her to sleep. I have not found the answer. But I have learned a lot about motherhood.

I have just adopted Charlie. He was my Mum's cat until she passed away. Charlie likes to groom himself. He's a gleaming, grooming licking machine.

He likes to come to me in bed and lie next to me to give himself something to lean against while he goes to work. He works vigorously and rhythmically. He keeps going for a good 30 minutes and changes position as he goes but always while leaning against my legs. When he has finished he sighs exhaustedly.

As he licks his body rocks against mine and I find this one of the most pleasurable sensations. It is so relaxing. I am definitely a cat person..

Anyway, before long my eyes close and I just enjoy the feeling of him rocking against me and I gradually become sleepy in the most blissfully reassuring way.

It is the same process that makes us sleepy on trains or when sitting through dull speeches, I am sure, but this is so much better. Sleep inducing massage is also probably based on the same or similar principles.

In fact, now I think of it, perhaps Charlie is massaging me to sleep. I can't find out why that works either. But I don't mind. The science behind it doesn't matter. It is enough to simply enjoy it.

I comb him and he purrs. He rocks me and I snore. That is symbiotic.

a three legged cat eating while lying on the floor
Here he is eating while lying down (sort of) as it is too tiring to take the weight on one front leg when leaning forward to eat.

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My Cat Rocks Me To Sleep

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Nov 26, 2010 Loving CATs!!!
by: mousum

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Sep 23, 2010 He looks just like Monty!
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

That's so weird-- your Charlie really does look just like Monty. You mentioned that on my last post about Monty, but the resemblance is uncanny. They look like they could have been litter mates. I look at the picture of Charlie and then over to Monty (sitting by the door begging to go out) and it's like I'm looking at the same cat.

Nov 28, 2009 Thanks Ruth
by: Michael

Thanks Ruth for your considerate words. I am OK. Charlies OK. He is well settled and very alert! He comes to me for his combing and I as he pops outside a bit, I flea comb him three of four times a day and he adores it. We are getting a routine. I hope you are OK. Happy Christmas...! Is that too early.

Nov 27, 2009 Cats
by: Ruth akas Kattaddorra

I love the way Charlie sits there in that photo, a column of shiny black fur with all the wisdom of the world in his eyes.
It's a really special feeling when a cat uses you as an 'ablution prop' and then relaxes against you for repose.
One of boyz sighs if he's done all that last thing at night and I touch him, he has to start washing all over again from scratch !
I'm a cat person too, I just love them to bits, wonderful, mysterious,beautiful creatures they are ! I can understand why the Egyptians(wasn't it?) used to shave off their eyebrows to mourn when a cat died.
I hope you are alright Michael,it's bad enough losing your mother, but Christmas coming somehow makes it even worse.
Take care.

Nov 27, 2009 Nice one Charlie!
by: Everycat

It's a testament to the wonder that is cat that they can, at the same time, use us as a practical bolster to assist them in self grooming and massage us into a relaxed sleep.

Well done Charlie.

Nov 26, 2009 My cat rocks me to sleep.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Excellent jet black coloured cat, real beautiful.

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