My Cat Sam Looks Like a Van!

My Cat Sam Looks Like a Van!

by Caitlin

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I found my cat in the Wal-mart parking lot as a kitten when I was in high school and took him home.

I saw a video on yahoo one day with a guy playing with a yo-yo and these two cats were watching amazed and they looked exactly like Sam.

I started doing research and the Turkish Van cat is what he looks like most. He just isn't as long haired as the ones I've seen online.


Hi Caitlin... thanks for visiting and sharing. Fogive me for changing the title, but I couldn't resist.

Sam has the classic Van pattern. Turkish Vans are a white, semi-longhaired cat with colored markings restricted primarily to the head and tail. The pattern is an inverted V as on Sam. The red (orange) colouring is also typical as is black.

You have probably seen Tippy, another random bred cat with some Turkish Van in her.

I think it is interesting to see that there are semi-feral cats wandering around parking lots in the USA that are Turkish Van type cats.

Maybe other people have experienced this and we might find out why.

It may be that the Van pattern is not only found in Turkey! Although the story is that it originates in Turkey. The Turkish Van is an ancient breed going back to 1600 BC - see cat history.

Here are two of the photos edited to make them a bit brighter etc.:


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