My cat seems to be paralysed on one side

My cat seems to be paralysed on one side

by Pam

My cat can’t stand up. He seems to be paralyzed on one side. He is 16 years old and has always lived indoors.

He seemed to be alright yesterday. He eat good yesterday but not today. What could possible be wrong with him?


Hi Pam… thanks for visiting and asking. A vet is the only person who can diagnose.

What I will do is throw out some ideas, no more than that as even a good vet would not reliably diagnose on the basis of what you have said.

You cat is old and he is not eating properly. It is probably fair to make a presumption that the problem is age related.

The first possibility that comes to mind in a feline stroke. Signs come on fast. A cerebral haemorrhage is the usual cause. This causes loss of brain function in part of the brain concerned, which in turn causes signs that indicate neurological damage. Importantly, one side is usually affected. This concurs with your cat’s symptoms.

Other signs are spasms of the face and limb muscles, loss of coordination and paralysis.

The problem may also be caused by an injury to your cat’s spinal cord. One condition that produces limb weakness or paralysis is arterial thromboembolism. The cat’s pulse will be reduced. You can check a cat’s pulse in the groin.

Older cats can suffer from ruptured dics which can rarely cause weakness or paralysis. This is a possibility.

Another possibility is spinal arthritis, which is called spondylitis. This condition is characterised by spurs of calcium on the back-bones which can put pressure on the spinal cord which it turn can cause limb weakness.

Of all these I favour the feline stroke.

Whatever it is, it is serious and I am afraid an immediate visit to the veterinarian is a must…

Hope this helps a bit.


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My cat seems to be paralysed on one side

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Jul 19, 2010 R.I.P Ottis
by: Ruth

Pam I’m so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you in your grief.
Nothing anyone says can help and you never get over losing a much loved pet, but with time you do get used to them not being around.
Try to think of the happy times you had with Ottis and remember you did all you could for him, he was just too old to recover and you did the kindest thing by letting him go peacefully.
Take care.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 18, 2010 “Ottis”
by: Pam (Cat Owner)

Our cat, passed away on July 17. He had more seizures and was not getting any better, so we had him put to sleep on Saturday. Thanks for all the support. Our cat will be sadly missed.

Jul 10, 2010 Hoping your cat recovers
by: Ruth

Hi Pam, I hope your cat recovers.Your vet must think there is a good chance he will improve despite his age or he would have suggested he was PTS.
Please let us know how he is will you ?

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 10, 2010 My cat
by: Pam

I did take our cat to the vet today, and yes he did have a stroke. I really hope he can recover from this and get back being his self soon. Thanks for posting my story, it helped me alot.

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