My Cat Sensed Forthcoming Illinois Earthquake

by Kathy
(Ingleside, Illinois, USA)

Chart showing range and intensity of earthquake. Image believed to be in public domain.

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Chart showing range and intensity of earthquake. Image believed to be in public domain.

11-2-2010: I'm sure everyone has heard about the earthquake we had in Illinois yesterday morning. Well about 1:00 AM my cat Lia starting Mewing in a strange voice that I had never heard before.

Well, needless to say I woke up and he was pacing the floor like a wildcat. I got up and gave him some food but he still didn't calm down. He paced and mewed for so long that I thought we were going to have to take him to the animal emergency.

I couldn't see anything wrong with him. I kept trying to calm him down and finally about 6:30 AM he seemed to calm down a little. Well he lay down next to me on the bed, which is unusual now since he got his bed for Christmas. He stayed right by my side and we fell back asleep for a little while since we'd been awake since about 1:00 AM.

When I got up I heard that there had been an earthquake in our area. I'm sure Lia knew and was trying to warn me about it. He did not leave my side for the whole day yesterday. He followed me everywhere. He gave up his bed for the whole day to be by my side. I know that he knew about the earthquake that was about to happen.

He has never exhibited this type of behavior before. I will remember that type of mew that he did and if I hear it again I will know something is coming. Before I heard about the quake I was watching for my animal visitors that I have in the morning. I told my boyfriend something must be wrong because there wasn't a squirrel or bird in sight. I checked my neighbor Bill's feeders to see if maybe he put something special out in the morning but the whole backyard was quiet and there was no one in sight.

I believe animals do have foresight into these type of things. Now I really believe and I have Lia as my forecaster. I'm sure other people have experienced these things with their animals as well.


Hi Kathy....Thank you very much for a very interesting article. We read and hear about the way cats and other animals sense forthcoming earthquakes so it is great to hear from you as it is based on first hand experience.

I changed the title to make it more current and to include the word "cat"! Hope you don't mind.

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My Cat Sensed Forthcoming Illinois Earthquake to Feral Cats

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My Cat Sensed Forthcoming Illinois Earthquake

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Feb 13, 2010 Great senses
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Kathy. Thank you for sharing your story here. It's great having somebody actually confirm what many of us already suspected.
And this doesn't have to be supernatural at all, because cats have so great senses that they might feel the slightest trembles before the actual quake. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 12, 2010 Cat Sense.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

I firmly believe that our pets can sense danger or natural calamities much be
for we humans do.
Rudolph avatar

Feb 12, 2010 Earthquake
by: Julie,Alhambra,Il USA

I did not feel the earthquake but Freya and BB did act up a bit. We are about 130 years over due for the big quake from the New Madrin fault. The last time it hit. The Missisippi river ran backwards for three days. Honestly, I don't know how to protect my pets durring an earthquake.? Our number one concern here is tornado's. I have the girls carriers ready and if we have a warning we go to the basement and we have our floresant lanterns,radio,emergance kit ready. We have had a few close ones.
Last week when they had the mudslides in California;they showed a family on T.V. returning to their devestated home. Suddenly out of the sadness the family cat poked it's head out and the girl ran to her cat and huged it through her tears. The cat who looked totally unscathed promptly slapped her across the face with it's paw. Cat's are awesome!!!

Feb 12, 2010 I did a story on that
by: Elisa Black

I did a story on that a few weeks back. It's at:

Cats can predict disaster disease or death

The cat will run around like it's going crazy or it will velcro itself to your neck or head.

My early warning system is a small mouthy dog who barks likes crazy at storms. Yours is a cat.

Feb 12, 2010 Clever Lia
by: Ruth

Kathy I'm sure Lia did know about the earthquake coming and was warning you and then protecting you.
Animals know much more than they are given credit for !
It makes me livid if anyone calls them 'dumb animals' as they have far more sense and care more about their loved ones than some people do.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 12, 2010 Animals Have Keen Senses
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Kathy, your story is fascinating. We are in agreement regarding the keen senses of animals.

We have not had any earthquakes of relevance in our area for some time; however, my cat Sadie did cause a fuss once over the stove's pilot light that went out. Once it was re-lit, she settled down.

My brother's Alsation once kept a man pinned to a tree at a campground with teeth bared until police and my brother arrived at the sound of the man's screams. It seems the man tried to convince 2 little girls (5 & 7) to go into the woods with him. As it turns out, the man was a pedophile known to the authorities.

Animals are truly a gift to us.

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