My Cat Stubs

My Cat Stubs

by Rachelle
(Utah, USA)

Getting ready for sleep

Getting ready for sleep

Getting ready for sleep Sitting in the window

I have a male Japanese Bobtail named Stubs (though I call him Bubbles or Bub Bub). I don't know what the price of one of these cats usually runs at, but even though I didn't pay for Stubs (he was born under our house) he's been a fantastic member of the family.

Every time somebody sees him, that doesn't know him, usually asks if he's even a cat or what happened to his tail. Stubs loves to go outside and play in the warm sun and rest under our lilac bush.

If he's not outside then he is usually in my bedroom snoozing on our bed, he loves to sleep on my fiance's pillow even though he's allergic.

Stubs father was a black bobtail, that was owned by my old neighbors. He has a great personality, if he smells something he wants on the grill he will usually be the first to try to take it, he will jump on your car and beg to go camping or just for a ride around the block. He doesn't always tolerate other animals, but is usually mellow enough that a new cat can come around him and he wont get upset.


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