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  1. Cats who are left alone and then adopted use to suckle. My observation within these 9 years have been not as vet practitioner but only as an observer. I see Laila always grip me hard (not painful to me) and start suckle some times (not often). It was Pinky (Laila’s mom) who decided not to milk her or she just left her alone. When I kept my four kittens outside in the terrace without cage, Pinky never visited the terrace, she just stopped. Now every day she visit and when ever she sees Laila, she hiss at her. I can not understand this cat mother behavior at all, really I can’t. I suppose its a cruel behavior. Maybe I am a human and they are cats. Maybe its just their nature but I personally don’t like cat mother leaving her kittens to let die. very strange. 🙁

    You are a lucky man Michael, someone thinks at your home that you are his everything. He depends on you and need you. But the word foster is forcing you not to become his perhaps. I mean 100 % his.

    He is a beautiful companion and trustful companion, no doubt. Alas I could once say, “ADOPT HIM, PLEASE” but I am silent now 😉

  2. Well my Tiger Does this except he does it on the Ear Lopes. He’s done it since a Kitten and continues to do it at age 4. I’m actually really sure he loves the sensation. I don’t really like the feeling of it as he nibbles sometimes. My Ex/flatmate doesn’t mind it so will let him do it. Sometimes I will let him do it if he hasn’t done it in awhile. I think its like a reassurance before he goes off to sleep. He kneads and holds on…

    • Ear lobe suckling is the same thing. It can actually feel quite nice to have a cat suckling on you but after 15 minutes it gets a bit much and for me I am wet by then 😉

      I am a bit concerned that too many cats do this. It may indicate a problem in the human/cat relationship.

      • Yes it can your right. I only put up with it for a wee while. I don’t like the feeling. He’s also a rather sensitive boy so if he knows you don’t want it he wont come near you. I think he prob come off his mum abit early. He also dribbles when your patting him some times. We actually call him his nickname sometimes Suckles which he answers too. In the photo you can see the grey bit of his lips. He was a rescue that I got off my Sister. I will surely miss him soon as are thinking of moving soon. I’ve made up my mind.

  3. I’ve never been bothered much with the few I’ve had that did this; but, I can understand how it can be disturbing to some normal people trying to fall asleep (trying to fall asleep isn’t something that I do. I’m dog tired when I get into bed and in a coma within 90 seconds). Nothing bothers me after that.
    But, I remember one cat that so viciously went about it that, like Barbara, I substituted a silky nightgown for my skin. I have never found a comparable substitute for kneading and suckling on my head and hair though. So, I’ve just wore ski caps.

  4. Jozef used to suckle on ‘Blue Mammie’ my old candlewick dressing gown but he hasn’t done it for a good while, no idea why he stopped, maybe because he’s a very laid back cat now. He did leave his mother too young as she was only a kitten herself and had no milk.
    I can’t see any harm in it as it gives a cat comfort.

      • Yes some cats seem to stop, some don’t, I don’t think it’s anything at all to worry about, in fact it’s rather nice.

        • Yes, it is not a “problem” in the conventional sense but for some people who are not committed to lifetime care it might be. You are a high quality car caretaker/guardian. Not everyone is as good as you.

  5. My lovely Felix used to do exactly the same on me, he did it all his life until he died in 1997 in his 13th year, of kidney failure, we always thought it was because he’d had a bad start in life by being born into a poor household and undernourished, we took all the litter quite young because his mother couldn’t feed them and the “owners” were threatening to drown the kittens so it might have been because he left his mother too soon, we rehomed the other kittens so don’t know if they also sucked. I always used to keep a silk scarf handy for bed for him to suck on.

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