My cat suffers from IBD and will undergo fecal microbiota transportation soon

This article was plucked from the comments section on this page. It is written by a visitor (username: Achance4cats) to PoC who kindly posted about his experience and that of his female cat.

We will be embarking on this procedure [faecal microbiota transplantation] with our vet Wednesday, as a final approach to what has been nearly 2 years of hell for one of our outdoor cats.

She had had gas problems, and a few “episodes”, we had run tests, tried a number of diets, but finally a steroid injection paused the worst of it.

But this last fall it became uncontrollable and constant. we have spent hundreds on testing, treatments, diets, and she has been confined to a stainless steel cage so we could monitor her for any possible prolapse, and to stop her from shyting all over every surface in the community outdoor cats house, and keep her as clean as possible, it isn’t easy.

It is no life, and we have agreed she deserves this final, more drastic approach before we feel we must put an end to what can only be suffering.

She seems done, she is ready you can see it in her eyes. I am praying that it can work, our vet is charging only $170, and is using one of his own personal cats for the donor, I will report back here good or bad, about what the results are, but I have read some very promising cases, and other than anesthesia, at this point it can’t possibly do her any worse.

From Michael. Many thanks for visiting and commenting. The outcome will be interesting and I hope very beneficial to your cat and to others. I pray it works.

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3 thoughts on “My cat suffers from IBD and will undergo fecal microbiota transportation soon”

  1. No-one could ever accuse Achance4cats of not being a dedicated owner. It’s heartwarming to know there are people out there who truly love their animals and do everything in their power to help them.

    I really hope this procedure works for their cat.

    1. Put very basically, the cat suffering from IBD is injected with fecal material from another cat directly into the gut to replace the material there already and alter the gut bacteria wholesale. It has been used successfully in humans but is relatively new. It is my fault. I failed to put a link into this post. I’ll add it now. This is the link:

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